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The Great Escape

The Great Escape is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 4th season.

Characters present[]


Ickis's taken to human jail when he's mistaken for an escaped convict in disguise.


A prisoner named Shortly McGinty has just escaped from prison, and the guards are chasing after him. When McGinty is cornered by the guards at the bridge, he hops onto an upcoming bus and successfully disappears out of the guards' sight. As the prisoner runs to the alleyway, news of his escape is being reported around the city streets. The prisoner wears many disguises to hide his identity and uses the disguises as his advantage against the police, who chases him (while he rides a baby carriage) all the way to the dump.

There, Ickis is walking outside enjoying his day off from school when he runs into McGinty, who escapes just in time for the police to arrive and arrest Ickis, mistaking him for the prisoner in disguise. As the young monster is taken to prison, the cops interrogate Ickis, still believing that he is Shorty. Ickis tries to loom in size to scare the cops, but he is cuffed to the chair so tight that he can't grow in size. The cops lock him up into a jail cell and chain a metal ball to his ankle to keep him for escaping again. After a few minutes, Ickis has had enough. He bites off the chain bracelet around his ankle and escapes through the toilet.

The young monster escapes through a gutter and tries to sneak his way out of the prison area, only to get caught by the cops, who place him back inside the cell and chain his ankle with a super titanium steel bracelet so that his teeth aren't strong enough to break it. But he manages to escape through the toilet again with the bracelet around his ankle. Unfortunately, the steel ball impedes his escape and the cops catch him once again.

They lock the toilet so that Ickis can't escape through there again. An elderly prisoner tries to tell Ickis how to escape, but he refuses to heed his plans and tries in many ways to escape, only to end in failure at every attempt. Ickis then relinquishes and goes in despair. As he walks while talking about his failure, he is oblivious to the fact that he is walking through a secret tunnel until he falls into. It turns out that the elderly prisoner was trying to tell Ickis about the secret tunnel to escape through and Ickis continues to leave. One of the cops finds out about this and get the other guards to chase after Ickis all the way to the dump, where they finally arrest Shorty and take him back to prison. Ickis finally returns back home and hops onto the elevator, only for the rope to snap and the elevator crashes to the ground. The impact of the crash breaks off Ickis' ankle bracelet, but also causes the rope to wrap around the elevator, trapping him inside once again. Ickis calls for help and says that he hates his life right before admitting that it isn't a bad room regardless.


  • This is the first episode in the series where Krumm and Oblina are absent, making Ickis the only monster to appear.
  • During the part where one of the two boys asked Shorty to toss the ball back to them, one of them looks exactly like Jake from The Switching Hour.


  • "Alright, you asked for it! I am not Shorty, I am not a rabbit, I am a MONSTER!" - Ickis