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The Great Wave

The Great Wave is the second part of the ninth episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season 1.


Life is no "day at the beach" for Ickis as his self-esteem hits a tide when he is chosen to be a contestant in the Annual Riding of the Great Wave Competition.


Ickis and Krumm are riding through the waves of the sewer, using the ironing board as a boat, and come to the end of the sewer. They talk about how Krumm is going to beat the other monsters in the Annual Riding of the Great Wave Competition, which The Snorch has won multiple of championships in.

The Snorch's defending championship of the race of the great wave is discussed at the Monster Academy by The Gromble and he also adds that The Snorch is now out of the race after Zimbo accidentally injured his foot due to the latter's attempt to crush a pesky fly. So The Gromble chooses which monster will take his place and chooses Ickis, much to the latter's dismay.

Every other monster bets on Krumm to win the race and Ickis feels upset because every other monster is expecting him to lose. So Oblina encourages Ickis to train so that he will prevail in the great wave race. Ickis starts training (while also getting distracted by a fly, which he promptly devours) until sundown. He feels confident that he will win and slide down the Wave-O-Matic Waterslide. He swims through the water filter in the bottom and finds Krumm inside. He smugly tells Krumm that he will beat him in the race and walks away.

At the Monster Academy, the Annual Riding of the Great Wave is about to begin and the competitors are at the finish line ready to race. The humans at their homes are shown using their bathrooms and as the toilets flush, the wave precipitates and the competitors ride. During the race, Krumm's ironing board loses a screw, sending the monster flying off and into the water. Ickis promptly jumps in to rescue him. Krumm thanks Ickis for saving him as the race ends. Then Slickis and Oblina, who kisses Ickis sweetly like she did to him and Krumm in the previous episode and her lips stretched a little and poor little Ickis felt lovestruck and Slickis was grateful too, arrive to congratulate Ickis.

At the Monster Academy, Loreena, who won the race, is presented the trophy, but the other monsters cheer for Ickis for his bravery. So The Gromble splits the trophy in half so Loreena and Ickis would share it. The other monsters cheer for both Ickis and Loreena.

Later, one of the competitors is seen in the middle of the ocean paddling his boat, wondering who won the race or not.


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