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[episode starts]

Ickis: I don't know how you did it. Aren't you scared?

Krumm: Nah, I know this course Like the hair on my pits.

Ickis: Oh, you are gonna be The champ. I can feel it! When the great wave arrives, The others are just gonna Eat your crust.

Krumm: What about the Snorch?

Ickis: Oh it's not fair. The Snorch shouldn't be in the race.

Krumm: You'’re gonna tell him that?

Ickis: No. Who cares about the Snorch. You are gonna be At that finish line Before he can scrape the mold Out of his belly button.


Zimbo: Voila. Completely and thoroughly Disgusting. Bon appetit.


Zimbo: Snorchy-poodles, You missed a spot. Marvelous. Now that your engine Is stoked, Let'’s begin your exercises. Close your eyes. Let the slime ooze From your pores. That'’s it, my friend. Become one With your surroundings. Bathe in your own repugnance. Now, Repeat after me. I will be champion. - I am ready for the coming Of the great wave! - Eccellente. I will crush my challengers Like flowers in spring. Reminder: It'’s important To always Keep your Focus!


Gromble: Due to an unfortunate accident, Our reigning champion, The snorch, Will be unable to compete In the annual riding Of the great wave.

Krumm: Yes! Say hello to the new champion!

Gromble: Silence! Now that the Snorch out of the completion, I have the delectable Responsibility Of choosing a replacement. Let me see. Who among you Would benefit the mos From a little competition?

Oblina: I wonder who he's going to pick?

Krumm: That doesn't matter. With the snorch gone, There'’s no way I can lose.

Oblina: Are you not being A bit presumptuous? The gromble may very well choose A superb athlete.

Krumm: Maybe you're right.

Gromble: Ickis! You'’ll make A fine replacement.

Krumm: Then again. [laughs]

[Back at the dorm, Krumm is doing a speech for the race.]

Krumm: Oh, please, please, No more applause. No more. First, I would to thank my fans And my fellow competitors. I can only say You never had a chance! [Imitating crowd cheering]

Oblina: Oh Krumm you have been practicing that speech for hours. GO TO BED!

Ickis: Yeah! Some of us would like to get some sleep

Krumm: But I'’m gonna be champion.

Oblina: How can you be sure You are going to win?

Krumm: Who's gonan beat me?

Monsters: Five toenails on krumm. - Eight worms and a leech On krumm. - 15 Maggots on ickis To lose.


Krumm this, krumm that-- I do not see What the big deal is. Why did the gromble Have to pick me?

Oblina: That is no A very good attitude.

Ickis: Yeah, well, but it'’s true. I haven'’t got a chance.

Oblina: Right know you do not. Right now, you do not. But with a little training, You could be the next champion. You know, you have the advantage Over everyone else. They all expect you to lose, Right?

Ickis: Yes, so?

Oblina: So if you train hard and have a positive attitude, you can take the others by complete surprise.

Ickis: Gee, I never thought about that. Maybe I do have a chance.

Oblina: There's the spirit.

Ickis: I am gonna start training right now.


Ickis: Boy oh boy.

[He slides down the Wave-O-Matic Waterslide. He swims through the water filter in the bottom and finds Krumm inside.]

Krumm: Ickis, what are you going here?

Ickis: [laughs] I was just looking for pool gunk. What are you doing here?

Krumm: What? You think you'’re the only one Who likes pool gunk?

Ickis: Who are you kidding? You'’re training For the big wave. What'’s the matter? Afraid of the competition?

Krumm: Who should I be scared of? I'’m just doing Some fine-tuning, You know, So I can set a new record.

Ickis: Don't count on it.

Krumm: See ya at the finish line.

Ickis: Maybe.

Monster: Slugs! Worms! Slime-coated leeches! Get them While they'’re still squirming!

Gromble: Welcome to the annual riding Of the great wave. Before we begin, I'’d like to remind you That anyone caught drooling In the no-slime section Will be promptly ejected From the stadium!


Gromble: Please direct your attention To the center of the field. - Now for the moment We'’ve all been waiting for. Oh, I do love this job so. Competitors, to your stations!

Ickis: Boy, this is a lot of pressure.

Krumm: Pressure is my middle name.

Zimbo: Signora, may I offer you something to ride upon?

Girl Monster: No thanks. I have my own.

Zimbo: Good gracious...

Flunk: Hang Seventeen. [snickers]

Krumm: Good luck.

Ickis: Thanks, Krumm.

Krumm: You'll need it.

Announcer: It'’s halftime Here at super bowl xxvii, And buffalo'’s still in the game. Now stay tuned For our exciting halftime show Featuring those wacky Singing raisins!

Gromble: Let the sewers flow!

Ickis: Smell you later, Krumm!

Krumm: Left at the fork.

Monster: A short cut.

Oblina: Go Ickis! Go Krumm!


Krumm: Help!


Krumm: Ickis! You could have won the race.

Ickis: Yeah. Probably.

Krumm: You would'’ve been champion.

Ickis: I know.

Krumm: I owe you one.

Ickis: Ah, you would'’ve done The same for me.

Oblina: Ickis. That was absolutely wonderful. I have never seen Such a display of courage!

Imp: You finished in one piece!

Slickis: I'm proud of you son.

Ickis: Thanks, dad.

Gromble: - I'’d like to present-- - I'’d like to present vloreena-- Thank you-- With the championship trophy And congratulate her On a really terrific race. - It was a close one Right down to the wire! But in the end-- As I was saying I'’d like to present this trophy To vloreena, But I'’d also like to present I To ickis For demonstrating true spiri In the face of adversity.


Monster: I wonder who won?