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"This better be good!"

-The Gromble's catchphrase

The Gromble is the initial main antagonist of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, who would later become more the anti-hero as the series progresses.


The Gromble is the intimidating and strict headmaster of The Monster Academy, who demonstrates his tough love by belittling his students for poor scaring skills.

On one instance, he ate one of his students in one bite (although he spits him out after chewing him up), showing just how far he'll go to "punish" the poor students.

Gromble calls his shoes "snuggle bears" and loves relaxing in his bed. Sometimes, he is referred to as "Gromble Sir" or "Mr. Gromble".

Gromble is the teacher of almost every monster child shown in the series. Despite his strict behavior, he wants his students to reach their full potential; which is why he is always pushing them to their limits. However, he seems to favor Oblina, likely because she is the best student in her class.

The Gromble's first day was shown in History of the Monster World.

When the Gromble began his teaching career at The Monster Academy, he was rather quiet, almost nervous on his first day. Because of this, the class just kept talking and lounging around instead of learning. They thought he was a mere pushover. The Gromble paused for a second, and then let out a loud "QUIET!!!", putting forward his aggressive personality because it works for him.

This originally quiet side of the Gromble is still there, and it typically is only seen when he's alone or with somebody close, like his mother. Bio

If you think you've seen the scariest teacher ever, then you haven't met the Gromble (though the patent-leather pumps on each of his four legs may just be bad fashion taste). Headmaster of the Monster Academy, he's a legendary figure in the monster community, and he's been known to really chew his students out--literally. With help from punishment masters Snorch and Zimbo, the Gromble is determined to mold even the sweetest-looking monster (Ickis, are you listening?) into a terrifying creature of the night.


The Gromble's skin is a turquoise color. He has two blue flaps on his head resembling plane wings, a lumpy nose with a red hook at the tip, and some blue hair on his chin. His eyes are pink with black pupils. Gromble has four feet with four red high-heel shoes on them. He has a blue goat tail and black gloves. Gromble's belt is black with a gold or sliver buckle it seems to change on some episodes.


Gromble has appeared in most episodes of the Aaahh!!! Real Monsters series. His first appearance was in The Switching Hour. His last appearance was in Rookie Monsters.


  • In the series' pilot episode, Gromble's name is "Womble". His name was later changed to "Gromble" due to a British television series having the name of The Wombles.
    • Another change in the pilot episode is the fact that Gromble's high-heels were originally black instead of red. This is later referenced in Old Monster. His final line in the episode was "Maybe I should have grabbed the black ones." while looking over a framed picture of the day he first got his high-heels.
  • There appears to be an inconsistency with Gromble's past. In both Old Monster and Out of the Past, Gromble was shown to be a rookie monster during the 1920's. However, in History of the Monster World, the Gromble is already a headmaster to Slickis and Horvak during the American Revolution.
  • His age is unknown since he's been around since the American Revolution.
  • It is hinted that Ickis or Oblina will one day be Gromble's successor.
  • The quotes he says during the opening credits are referred to as Gromble Gags, which are similar to the Couch Gags of Simpsons fame.
    • In the German DVD release under the translated name of "AAAHH!!! Monster", the English audio channel replaces every Gromble Gag with Episode 08's "I'll get you!" The German channel doesn't change per intro, either.
  • Though he was initially the main antagonist, he is eventually usurped by recurring villain Simon, who posed as a true threat to the trio (such as Ickis).
  • The Gromble has the most known relatives of any character, and is the only character who is explicitly stated to have a sibling (Bomble and Chomble may be at least have-brothers, but it is never specifically stated).
  • In The Substitute, it was revealed that he's been teaching for over 300 years.
  • His appearance and voice were inspired by the Chief Blue Meanie from the feature film Yellow Submarine.
  • In the video game, Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots, the Gromble makes a cameo in the DS port as a collectible "master model".
  • In Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, the Gromble can be seen in the background of The Dump stage.


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