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The Ickis Box

The Ickis Box is the second part of the thirteenth episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from Season 1. It first aired on January 21, 1995

Characters present[]


Ickis wants to prove the Gromble wrong and show other monsters that TV isn't all that bad for young monsters by making his own TV set out of junk.


At Crazy Jed's Electronics, the patrons are seen running away in terror due to the three young monsters' scare. They are later seen walking to the restroom for the exit. As they are prepared to leave, Ickis tells his friends that he is going to take one last look around and heads back into the electronic shop. He watches a band playing heavy metal music on a mini TV and becomes addicted to the music, dancing to it in the process. Oblina and Krumm watch this through the keyhole of the door and walk inside. As the store closes, the televisions turn off and Ickis stops dancing. Ickis tells his friends about what he heard before they leave.

Back at the Monster Academy, The Monsters' scare is shown on video through Oblina's eyes, as well as Ickis' dance to the heavy metal music. The monsters laugh at this and the Gromble berates Ickis for dancing to the music. He then lectures Ickis that television is as diabolical as soap, risking the existance of Their kind, sucks the brain out of their heads, and turning a monster into a potato. 

In the three monsters' room, Ickis is still in denial of how detrimental television is. He decides to search through the dump for a television He finds one, but is too heavy to move, deciding that he needs to return to Crazy Jed's for a much bigger television. He ends up purchasing a bunch of other electronics to make a television of his own. Despite Krumm and Oblina trying to dissuade Ickis, when he tests his first one, which gets the attention of a few students, it blew up. On his second try, with one of the monsters as a power source, the other monsters are impressed of his hard work, but he discovers that the homemade television is still in static. So Ickis takes Krumm along with him to go to Crazy Jed's to see what the problem is.

There, Ickis checks inside to see how it works. He then finds that the lack of a satellite dish is probably the reason his homemade television doesn't work. He and Krumm leave the shop and search for old material to make his own satellite dish through the dump the next day. When he finds a piece of a grill, the grill piece is later caught to a crane magnet, sending the monster along with it. He falls into a trash crusher and narrowly escapes. He and Krumm leave the dump with the altered grill piece.

Back in the young monsters' room, Ickis completes his television and it shows a cooking channel, much to the disappointment of the other monsters and Ickis, who was expecting song singing and dancing, while Oblina was at her couch with a book, believing their brains would turn into "skankum." Eventually, Ickis changes the channel and it turns to a music video that plays heavy metal music, which the monsters (except Oblina) dance to. The Gromble walks in and catches Ickis, chastising him for the television, after gulping up the makeshift satellite. He continues to berate Ickis, until he sees a video of himself through the screen, because Krumm ate a video camera earlier. Ickis decides that it wasn't a good idea after all and unplugs the television as the episode switches off.


  • This is the last episode to be dedicated to the memory of Ray Johnson Jr.
  • In the 1999 Rugrats episode, Ghost Story, Ickis and Krumm were first seen watching TV before they, Oblina and the other monsters start chasing the babies. This Rugrats episode considered non-canon because monsters are forbidden to watch TV on Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.


Oblina: Ickis, Dear, You are obsessing. let it go. (Ickis drops His screwdriver.) No, No! the Television! forget about it!