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The Lips Have It

The Lips Have It is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 4th season.

Characters present[]


Oblina loses her lips to a human girl looking to stand out in the modeling world.


In the city streets, a blond girl named Lucy Schmeeler hops off the bus and endeavors to start her career as a model. She reads her magazine and comes across a page that says "You Could be a Model." Later she's seen at the art museum telling the others about it, something the latter group scoff at. Dietrich DuChamp tells Lucy that unless she has something special for him, she is forbidden to become a model and he rejects her. Lucy starts sobbing and walks away sadly.

Meanwhile, Oblina scares away the hot dog vendor and the patron from the hot dog stand at the park. As Oblina brags about her scaring, she, Ickis, and Krumm come across a bulldog, who chases after them as they run. As The Monsters hop into a sewer, Oblina's red lips gets caught on a construction barricade and rips off as Ickis pulls her inside the sewer. Oblina's lips land on the lap of Lucy, who glues the lips onto her mouth as "something special" for her. When Dietrich shows up, he makes Lucy a supermodel and gives her the name "Lulu."

Meanwhile, The Monsters are searching through the city streets for Oblina's lips, and Ickis gives her a replacement for her lips. Oblina becomes annoyed and little does Lulu know, Oblina's words are coming out of her lips, which are still glued to Lulu's face. Dietrich becomes pleased with the words coming out of the lips and likes Lulu's style. Back outside, Oblina decides to play charades with Ickis and Krumm just to get them to understand what she is trying to tell them. Ickis is too obtuse to understand what Oblina is trying to say, but Krumm knows exactly what she is delineating and surmises that Oblina has a plan to get her lips back, but The Monsters have to wait later.

During the night, The Monsters retrace their steps and Oblina tries to scream her loudest through her lips to find where they are. Lulu is lying in her bed inside her bedroom and is woken up by the scream from the lips glued to her mouth. This causes Dietrich and his assistants to run into Lulu's bedroom and ask her if everything is okay, to which Lulu responds that it is. Dietrich and the others leave the room. The Monsters locate the scream and climb the window, where Oblina takes a view of Lulu wearing her lips on her mouth. Dietrich and his assistants return in the room and decide to stay with Lulu right before taking her out of the bedroom just as The Monsters make their way on the window ledge.

The next morning, at the pageant, Dietrich introduces everyone to Lulu, and The Monsters hide in a vent, where Oblina inflates, ready to scream as loud as possible. Lulu says only a laconic sentence, and the audience are unimpressed. Oblina then lets out a loud roar through her lips, scaring away the audience. Oblina then appears and rips her lips off of Lulu's face. Lulu rolls outside and takes the bus back to Ortonville. As Oblina gets her lips back, she tells her friends about how it felt to lose her lips as they walk through the sewers, much to Ickis' annoyance as Oblina tells him to work on his attitude.