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[episode starts]

Lucy: The big city, It's beautiful. And now to start my fabulous career. You can be a model.

Duchamp: ha! You can be a model?

Lucy: Um, yes, that, that is I'd like to be a model... If that's okay.

[people laugh]

Duchamp: You cannot be a model for me Ze great dietrich duchamps Unless you have something special about you.

Lucy: Special?

Duchamp: Are you hard of hearing? You ridiculous Apple-cheeked, farming person? I said "special"! Zese girls are special-- Something you will never be. Now leave me You non-special milker of a cow's udders. I titter at you.


Man: Three dogs with everything on them. And don't skimp

Hot Dog seller. Three frankie footsies a-coming right up!

Oblina: Score another one for oblina. I am the best.

Ickis: Oh, yes, oblina, you are the best. You are amazing. You can scare anyone. Can we go home now?

Oblina: Ickis, if it pains you so to hear Of my superior scaring ability Then maybe you should go home.

Krumm: Um, maybe we should all go home. Look!

Ickis: Nice bark and bite. Bad bark and bite. Very bad bark and bite!

Oblina: Really, Ickis. you pick The worst times to fool around!

Krumm: Come on, Oblina. Let's go.

Oblina: My lips.


Ickis: That was a close one. Right Oblina? Oblina?

[Oblina turns to reveal her mouth disappeared!]

Krumm: What happened to your lips!?

Lucy: Not special. [sobbing] Why can't I have something special about me?

[Then Oblina's lips came around and landed on Lucy's hands.]

Lucy: Oh. Thank you.


Lucy: Wait till they see me now.

Duchamp: Ha! I thought I told you to leave. Kindly take your painfully Ordinary face away from-- [ Gasps] Sacre bleu! As they say in the foreign country From which I am from. Look at those lips! You should be a supermodel! I kiss your foot. And now I must give you a name A very special name.

Lucy: My name is Lucy.

Duchamp: I got it! You shall be"Lulu, the girl with the really big lips!" Ooh! I applaud my own genius.


Ickis: Bingo!

Krumm: Did you find the lips, Ickis?

Ickis: No that's what it says on this card Bingo.

Oblina: Grrr...

Krumm: Don't worry Oblina. We might not find you lips but Ickis and I will do anything to help you.

Ickis: We sure will. And we can start by giving you a nice pair of replacement lips here.

[Oblina only does muffled sounds saying that she doesn't like at all.]

Oblina's voice: No, no, you ninnies! I am not wear this!

Duchamp: Will you look at that attitude! Already she behaves like a superstar! You shall be my greatest discovery.


Oblina's voice: Take your hands off me, Krumm!

Duchamp: Yes, I am a crumb For ever having touched you You saucy, hot-tempered supermodel. Flunkies! Miss lulu will stay here with me So she can absorbmy genius. Meanwhile, I want you to arrange A debut photo session for tomorrow. Chop-chop! Lulu, with your lips and my brain We shall rule the fashion world!

Oblina's voice: No, no, no, no!

Duchamp: I love this girl!

[Oblina moans and throws the sausages away.]

Krumm: I don't think she like her replacement lips.

Ickis: Whatever gave you that idea?

Krumm: I think oblina's trying to tell us something.

Ickis: Your lips! They are, um, uh, a circle, circle around... Around, around... Around the dump in days!

Oblina: [muffled scream]

Ickis: Okay I'll get it now. I think I got it. I give up.

Krumm: She's saying "I know my lips are around here somewhere and I have plan to get them back but we have to wait till later."

[Oblina clap her hands in joy.]

Ickis: How did you get that?

Krumm: Lucky guess.

Ickis: I still do not know Why we have to do this in the middle of the night. Oblina, are you really sure this is a good idea?

Oblina: [muffled moans in anger]

Krumm: She says she's sure.

Ickis: Oh, fine, mr. Interpreter. Well, here goes nothing.

[Oblina inflates her chest ready to use her sound.]

Krumm: Three, two, one, go!

[Oblina lets out a scream. They followed it to where the scream comes from.]

Ickis: This way!

Duchamp: Lulu! my precious investment Is everything all right?

Lucy: yes, yes, um, I'm just, uh..

[Oblina's voice screams again]

Duchamp: Oh, no, this girl is hungry! Food for lulu, right away! But not too much.

Lucy: No, please, I'm fine. There's nothing wrong.

Duchamp: Okay, my little meal ticket. Good night.

Oblina: Here! I'm over here!

Woman: Hey, shut your trap I'm trying to sleep here!

Krumm: I think this is the place.

Duchamp: Lulu, are you sure you are all right?

Krumm: Hang on, Oblina. We're almost there.

Duchamp: Lulu, I know You are nervous about your debut But not to be worriful. You shall be a star! All right? All right, now. Good night.

[Oblina peeks out of the window.]

Oblina: My lips! My lips! My lips!

Duchamp: Oh, of course You are worried about your lips. Come, I will keep you company And see to it that no one goes near Those money-making lips of yours Until your big debut in the morning.

Ickis: We have to get those lips back.

Krumm: Ickis, there are an awful lot Of humans in there.

Ickis: You're right. What was I thinking?


Ickis: What is she saying now?

Krumm: That she has a plan to get her lips back But we have to wait.

Ickis: Again with the waiting? What are we waiting for this time?


Duchamp: Ladies and gentlemen of the press People, I bid you good welcome. Now comes the moment I have made you all wait for. My newest model-type sensation Lulu, the girl with ze really big lips!

[Inside the vent, Krumm and Ickis watch as Oblina inflates. She made a weak moan.]

Ickis: Now?

Krumm: She says...

Ickis: Give me a little credit, would ya?

Duchamp: This is the girl with the superstar lips And the superstar attitude. Baskin her radiant nastiness.

Lucy: Hello. So very nice to meet you all.

Man: What kind of attitude is that?

Woman: What is she, from iowa?

Duchamp: Come on, lulu, say Say some of those nasty things You said yesterday.

Lucy: Uh, leave me alone?

Man: Oh boy. Some additude.

[everyone laughs.]

Duchamp: Listen to me You sweet-cheeked guttersnipe. I want you to show me Your superstar attitude now!

Krumm: Now.


Lucy: These horrible lips! Somebody help me get this thing off!


Lucy: Thank you, thank you! thank you!

Ickis: Oblina, are you alright?

Oblina: Yes, yes, I'm fine. [Gasp] They are back! Oh, they're back! Oh, my lips are back! Can you imagine Not being able to speak for a whole day, I mean... It was hard. It was unbearable. It was...

Ickis: The happiest day of my life.

Oblina: Oh, icky, you know You should try to work on your attitude. And I know just how you should do it.