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The Master Monster

The Master Monster is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season 3. It first aired on November 30, 1996.

Characters present[]


The Gromble's by the book superior takes over when he finds his not by the book teaching unacceptable.


At the Monster Academy, The Gromble announces that a visitor who goes by the name Balook the Granfaloon is coming to the academy to evaluate his job as teacher. The students then rise out of their seats for Balook the Granfaloon, who enters the academy and turns out as a small, round, pink monster with a large mustache and a monocle on one eye. Balook the Granfaloon says he would like to see one of the students' scares and picks Ickis as his first choice, much to Gromble's dismay. Ickis then goes to the viewfinder and in the video, he, Krumm, and Oblina try to scare a patient. But the patient is still taking in the laughing gas, thus he is unable to be scared. Krumm accidentally knocks over the laughing gas tank, which permeates laughing gas through the dentistry building and causes everyone else to laugh. But the other humans' laughter is cut short when Ickis finally grows in size and scares away everyone inside the building. The other students cheer for this and the Gromble congratulates Ickis for his task. Unfortunately, for the Gromble, Balook informs that according to the Rules of Monster Conduct book, celebration after a monster's scare is shown via viewfinder is forbidden and for that, the Gromble has lost his job as the headmaster of the Monster Academy, much to the shock of the students.

The Gromble is now relegated to a stint as a garbage monster, where Balook tells him that he broke a rule by throwing the trash rather than dropping it. The Gromble has had enough of Balook's bureaucracy and quits his stint. He leaves the academy and runs away through the dump, leaving Balook in charge as the headmaster of the academy, where he offers the students each a book of rules and teaches them the purpose of monsters, which is to scare humans. Already had enough, Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina go on an exhaustive search for the Gromble at the city streets. When they can't find him, they finally come across him at the sewers using a metal detector to find worms. They beg him to come back to his job as headmaster of the academy and although the Gromble refuses at first to reclaim his job, after Balook called him an "inferior teacher". Gromble asks the main trio if class is really that bad without him. Ickis tells him that it's awful, saying Balook is teaching them things they learned in Bonstie school! This angers The Gromble calling Balook a "meddlesome bureaucrat", yelling one can't learn to be a monster from a book. The Gromble says "If I was your teacher right now, I would tell you that monstering is a gift, a rare talent you feel deep within you. It courses through your veins like high-grade sludge!" With the Gromble's conviction, Oblina tells her friends that they might get their teacher back!

So the monsters go behind Balook's back to scare humans and the next day in class, Balook gives the monsters a task on going to the county fair to scare children as elementary scares, much to the monsters' annoyance. As Balook orders them in a single file line (with the Gromble not too far behind) through the sewer to climb up through the sewer hole, they discover that they have, instead, ended up in the middle of a monster truck show stadium, where monster trucks are about to run them over. The monsters hide and Balook becomes helpless without his book. When the Gromble arrives in his presence, Balook begs him for assistance. But the Gromble refuses, saying that he already has his students to do the job. The monsters huddle up to listen to the Gromble's instructions and they disperse through the stadium to scare away the monster truck drivers. Ickis finishes it off by growing in size to scare away the audience of the stadium. Balook gives Gromble back his job as the headmaster and tells him that he is s superior teacher.

The Gromble is back as the headmaster of the Monster Academy and berates the other students for their rejects, much to the delight of Ickis, Oblina and Krumm, as they are glad to have their old headmaster back. Balook is also seen replacing the Gromble's last stint as a garbage monster. The episode ends with Balook falling down the flight of stairs due to him reading the rules of the garbage monster.