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The Rival is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season 2.

Characters present[]


Oblina becomes a green-eyed monster when a new student named Smeldra arrives and her achievements seemingly outshine her own.


At the Monster Academy, The Gromble takes role in class and later rebukes three monsters (Krumm being one of them) for their pitiful scares. Also he tells Oblina, his best student, to go to the viewfinder for her latest scare, sure that she wouldn't disappoint him. Her scare is show via video at the Eleanor Roosevelt Society where she scares the citizens away while emerging from a dish on the table. The Gromble congratulates Oblina and admonishes the others, later asking if there is anyone who's scares are as decent as Oblina's right before a female monster says that she does. The Gromble introduces the other monsters to the new female monster, whose name is Smeldra. The other monsters greet her, but Oblina is little more than skeptical of the new monster's task. Smeldra goes to the viewfinder and her scare at the fire station is shown. She scares away two firemen when she emerges from the stockpot they are cooking their food in. The other monsters congratulate her, except for Oblina, whose envy is catching up to her.

During lunch, Oblina still retains her jealousy towards Smeldra as the latter is seen gobbling her food in a single bite each. Oblina gets infuriated and leaves the lunch room. At Sludge Pit, Oblina dives off the highest diving board and into a large tub of sludge. She gets a great score, but Smeldra is up to dive and as she does, she gets an even better score than Oblina, infuriating the latter.

At the dump, Oblina builds a sculpture of Gromble and runs into the headmaster, who is really more fond of Smeldra's sculpture of him instead. Out of pique, Oblina storms away and returns to her dorm, still upset of getting excelled by Smeldra at everything she does. When Ickis mentions Smeldra once more, Oblina restrains him with her body and threatens to "have him for dinner." Smeldra enters and Oblina releases Ickis feigns friendliness towards her. Smeldra asks Oblina if she would like to go for a scare with her tomorrow, which Oblina agrees to. When Smeldra leaves, Oblina reverts back to her sullen expression and laughs heartily and hysterically. She tells her friends that the invitation to go for a scare is really just a challenge between her and Smeldra on who can scare the better of the two.

Oblina goes to the Academy Scare Training Facility to improve on her scaring. Her friends remind her that she is going overboard with the over-improvement. But Oblina denies it, claiming that she has met her match. Back at The Monsters' dorm, Oblina looks at herself in the mirror and says that she is the best monster ever. When she sees Smeldra in the reflection of her mirror, she tags along with the monster to go out for a scare. Smeldra suggests that the two should go scare humans at a supermarket or the mall, but Oblina says that she has already done both of them and instead decides to scare astronauts at a spaceship landing center.

As Oblina sneaks into the spacecraft center, she tries to scare one of the astronauts, but it ends in failure for her first two tries. But she doesn't give up. Later, she and Smeldra are on top of the elevator and Oblina attempts to go into the spaceship, ignoring Smeldra's warning. Smeldra finds out that the spaceship is going to space and follow Oblina inside to tell her that the ship is going to get launched in space. Oblina tells her that it wouldn't have happened if she didn't challenge her to a scaring contest. Smeldra tells her that the reason she asked her to go scaring with her is to be her friend, much to Oblina's guilt. She apologizes to Smeldra and the two monsters decide to collaborate to get the job done.

Later, two females named Molly and Margie, viewing the cameras in a video room find a strange-looking astronaut walking through the cameras and have the two astronauts check it out. As the two astronauts named Gus Reed and Dirk Malloy check out the mystery astronaut, Oblina and Smeldra emerge out of it and scare them away, prompting Molly and Margie to turn off the launch pad. Oblina congratulates Smeldra on her scare with her and Reed and Malloy are standing with news reporter Sandy Candy telling her that "technical difficulties" delayed the flight to space, trying hard to be reticent of the traumatic scare that really delayed their expedition to space.

Back at The Monsters' dorm, Oblina and Smeldra explain their scare to Ickis and Krumm, impressing the latter pair. Oblina apologizes to Smeldra for misjudging her and gives her a gift basket as a token for their friendship. Smeldra offers Oblina an even bigger gift basket and Oblina's envy begins to revert back to her, much to Ickis and Krumm's annoyance.


  • In this episode, The Gromble says that no monster has scared firemen. Ironically, Oblina scares a couple of firemen in the episode "O'Lucky Monster", which would air a week after this episode.