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[Episode starts]

Gromble: Leaky... Hairy... And my dear disappointing krumm. I would like to congratulate Each and every one of you. But I can't! Those are the most pathetic scares That have ever embarrassed a teacher In the history of monsterdom. Now, who's next? Oblina? Dear, sweet monster. You have a scare that will make your old gromble proud Don't you?

Oblina: Well, I....

Gromble: Of course you do. Quickly, go to the viewfinder And give me a reason To go on living.


Gromble: Thank you, Oblina. Once again, I have the will to carry on. Which is not such a good thing for the rest of you slackers! Isn't there one amongst you Besides oblina. Who has a halfway decent scare?

Smeldra: I do, I do.

Oblina: Oh, please.

Gromble: Oh yes. Smeldra. Class I almost forgot... This is Smeldra,. She's new. Her family's just moved here From the el g*n waste treatment facility. Please put your hands together And make her feel welcome.

Man: Hey, chief, check this out.

Gromble: Beautiful. None of you weaklings Has had the guts to scare firemen before. Simply beautiful. Bravo, smeldra.

Oblina: Look at her. What a show off.

Ickis: Pull!

Krumm: She looks okay to me. Are you going to eat that? I didn't think so.

Oblina: That is it! I do have to take anymore of this! I have my pride!

Ickis: Was it something I said?

[Later on]

Gromble: Isn't it lovely, Oblina?

Oblina: Thank you, sir.

Gromble: It's such a perfect likeness of me. I have never seen myself representing on such a huge scale, it's breathtaking.

[Oblina gasps, she sees Smelda is making the huge sculpture of the Gromble, Oblina storms off. Later, Oblina is pacing and grumbling.]

Oblina: Humiliation! She goes out of her way to embarrassed me!

Ickis: You got to admit, she does know her way around to scare.

[Oblina angrily wrapped around Ickis' body.]

Oblina: If you ever say anything like that again, I will have you for dinner! Got that, rabbit boy?

Ickis: Got it.

Krumm: Hi, Smeldra.

Ickis: [chokes] Hi, Smeldra.

Oblina: Smeldra. Whatever brings you to our neck of the dump?

Smeldra: I thought Would you like to go scaring with me tomorrow?

Oblina: Scaring with you? That would be delightful. Yes, of course, I would, I would.

Smeldra: Okay. See you tomorrow.

[Oblina laughs maniacally.]

Krumm: I think I miss something.

Oblina: Yes, isn't it obviously?

Ickis: What are you talking about?

Oblina: This so-called invitation to go scaring. It's a challenging. She's calling me out.


Oblina: Give it to me.

Ickis: Oblina dear. Don't you think you're going a little overboard?

Oblina: No! I have met the enemy and she is Smeldra! Oh, why am I the only one who can see monster as they really are?

Krumm: Who she talking to?

Oblina: Who is the best monster in the world? You are. Who have the most hideous transformation of all time? You do. Are you the ugliest? Yes, you are. Yes, you are.

[Smeldra clear her throat.]

Smeldra: Hi, Oblina. Are you ready?

Oblina: Smeldra! I was just... I never midn. Yes. I'm ready.

Smeldra: I don't know what you had in mind But I thought that maybe we could scare At the supermarket or the mall.

Oblina: You must be kidding. I did that years ago. Boring! How about something fun, something challenging?

Slemdra: Like what?

[At the space station.]

Slemdra: I'm not sure about his. Astronauts are about they're brave as they come. What if they catch us?

Oblina: What's the matter, Smeldra. Afraid?

Smeldra: No, I'm not afraid. Just careful.

Man: Found a penny. Yippe.

Smeldra: Are you sure about this?

Oblina: I am sure. Every monster for herself.

Man: Eww, what has he been eating? Looks like a licorice candy cane And some of them big wax lips-- eww.

Smeldra: Oblina, I don't think you should go in there.

Oblina: Watch and learn, Smeldra.

Smeldra: Oblina, don't go!

Man: Do you ever loose of thrill of taking one of these babies in space?

Man 2: Yeah.

Man: Me, too.

Smeldra: Space?

Announcer: launch sequence is initiated. T minus 60 seconds.

Oblina: What are you doing here? This is my scare!

Smeldra: Your scare is about to get us both launched into outer space!

Oblina: Outer space? None of this have happened if you haven't challenge me to a scaring contest!

Smeldra: Scaring contest?

Oblina: Well, this is why you ask me to go scaring, is it not? You just want to humiliate me some more!

Smeldra: Oblina, I ask you to go scaring with me because I wanted to be your friend!

Oblina: My friend?

Smeldra: Yeah, that's all.

Oblina: Oh my. I had made a terrible mistake. I am so sorry.

Smeldra: That's okay. But right now, we gonna get outta here.

Oblina: How?

Smeldra: How? We're monsters, aren't we?

Margie: Hey, Molly, what is that looks like to you?

Molly: Well, Marge, if I didn't know any better, I said it's an empty astronaut is walking around the cargo pay.

Margie: Better had the boys check it out.

Molly: Roger that, Margie.

Man: Look at that.

Both: Mommy!

Margie: Hey, Molly, what is that looks like to you?

Molly: Well, Margie, if I didn't know any better, I said it look like 2 astronauts running away and screaming like babies.

Margie: Roger that, Molly.

Smeldra: We did it.

Oblina: No, you did it. Thank you.

Sandy Candy:

Hello, I'm sandy candy And I'm here with astronauts gus reed and dirk malloy. Could you tell us why the launch Has been delayed yet again?

Both men: Technical difficulties. Bad weather.

Oblina: And then the best part Was seeing the looks on their faces When we came out of the space suit.

Smeldra: They were terrified.

Ickis: Well, that's gotta be one of the best scares ever.

Krumm: Yep. It rates.

Oblina: Smeldra, I just... I want to say I sorry am I for misjudging you.

Smeldra: A gift basket! How nice. I have something for you too.

Oblina: What was I thinking?

Both: Oh, brother.

[The episode fades out, ending it.]