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The Substitute

The Substitute is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 4th season. It first aired on October 25, 1997.

Characters present[]


The Gromble is absent and Oblina finds his replacement's fun loving approach at teaching poor and his behavior suspicious.


A substitute teacher named Skritch walks into the Monster Academy to inform the students that he will be filling in for the Gromble, who is taking the day off to care for his sick mother. The substitute also tells the students that they would not be showing off their scares on the viewfinder and that they won't have any homework or assignments to do. He offers them to play slime ball, but Oblina would rather read instead. Skritch tells Oblina that the class is going have fun for now on, but Oblina tells Skritch that he's being irresponsible and lazy.

During lunch, Oblina berates Ickis and Krumm for condoning the lack of discipline, and Ickis tells her that she's just mad, because she is not number one at having fun. Oblina then says that there is something strange about Skritch and follows him to the Gromble's room. He knocks on his door and shows him the Theory and Practice of Fear book, which Skritch snatches from her hands, inhibiting her from entering the Gromble's room. Oblina then hears a voice yelling her name, which Skritch lies and says that it was him right before closing the door as he walks inside.

At the Monster Academy, Oblina tries to convince her friends that Skritch has the Gromble held hostage. But they don't believe her, that is until they find that Skritch is wearing the Gromble's shoes. So Oblina decides to devise a plan, only for Ickis and Krumm to play slime ball with Skritch. When Oblina notices that Ickis and Krumm are later missing, she becomes even more suspicious and tries to warn the other students of the absence of the Gromble, Ickis, and Krumm. But they don't heed her warning and run along to the sludge pit. Skritch stays alone with Oblina and chases her towards the edge of a cliff, which she falls off of and into the water, which she takes a ride through the sewers in. Skritch feels like he killed her, and walks off.

Skritch is later seen inside The Gromble's room, where the Gromble, Ickis, and Krumm are tied up inside of the Gromble's tub. The Gromble demands Skritch to let them go, stating what he's doing isn't going to accomplish anything. Skritch replies, "Look at all I done already". Then the Gromble begs for him to at least to let Krumm and Ickis go, however, Skritch tells him that they know too much. Krumm comments that no one has ever said that before, while Ickis whines about what's going on. The Gromble explains to Ickis and Krumm of Skritch's indolence during teacher's college back when the two went to class together. Skritch shouts "Liar!", saying he wasn't lazy, he had a problem; Gromble was his problem. Skritch explains his jealousy of the Gromble being the better student than him, for the latter even had the first-place ribbon for his work. Skritch claims that in the end after all his "hard work", the Gromble ended up with the teacher's bone. Skritch states it's not fair, the teacher's bone should have been his. However, Gromble tells him that he never studied, did his homework or applied himself to anything. Skritch declares that it's not true, saying no one works harder than him. Then the Gromble asks Skritch what's he doing for the past 300 years, then he says that he was buying lottery tickets and dreaming of the day he would take the Gromble's life as a teacher. Skritch states that he has done it, saying "Your class is my class now, they love me". Gromble laughs at this, thinking Skritch can win his class over just by letting them play a day or two of slimeball, which he did. Ickis tells the Gromble that he does assign a lot of homework. The Gromble warns Skritch about Oblina, saying she'll see right through him. Skritch tells the Gromble that Oblina already has, believing she had payed for her trouble making with her life.

Meanwhile, Oblina, now dripping wet, but very much alive, arrives back inside the monster school. She's so furious that the other students quietly stayed out of her way. Back in the Gromble's room, he warns Skritch it'll be a matter of time before the other students figure him out. Skritch disregards the Gromble's warning, saying he has the bone, so he's teacher and his students love him. The Gromble tells Skritch that he's no teacher. Skrirch reminds the Gromble that he's the only one holding the teacher's bone. Suddenly, Oblina (wearing a red headband and wielding a stick) shows up and yells "Think again, Skritch!" Then she gets into a stick fight with Skritch. While the two are fighting, one of the students passed by and sees the fight. Oblina wins the battle and orders the other monsters to untie the Gromble, Ickis, and Krumm and call the Police monster. As Skritch is about to be hauled to monster jail, he agrees with the Gromble's advice of taking work seriously and says that he has found something he cares about to work hard at. In monster jail (which is an old school bus), he is shown drawing pictures of his aversion of the Gromble.