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[episode starts]

Oblina: What are we going to do?

Skritch: I'll show you. Let's play slimeball!


Oblina: No!

Ickis: We'll figure out the shoe thing later. I love slimeball! Come on, Krumm!

Oblina: Wait just a minute! What happened to Ickis and Krumm?



Gromble: Skritch, let us go. This isn't going to accomplish anything.

Gromble: You, what about Oblina? She'll see right through you.

Skritch: She already has. But I think you seen enough of that troublemaker.


Gromble: You're no teacher!

Skitch: Oh, you don't see anyone else here holding the bone, would you? No, I'm the only one holding the bone.

[Just then, Oblina returns. She now wears a red headband and is holding a bone.]

Oblina: Think again, Skritch!

Skritch: You've came back. How foolish?

Oblina: It is my turn to be the teacher, Skritch!

Skritch: Oh, really?

Oblina: Oh, just to pronounce my name, Oyyyyya!


Oblina: My name, is Oblina!

Skritch: Class, help me! Grab her! [The students don't do anything.] We'll play slimeball! There won't be another game!

Oblina: Untie The Gromble, Ickis and Krummy. And call the Police Monster!



Skritch: You're right, Gromble.

Gromble: That's the spirit! Work! Work! Work!


Skritch: I'm working.

Police Monster: Skritch, Dinner!

Skritch: I told you I'm working.

[The episode irises out with the butterfly flying through it, ending the episode.]