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The Switching Hour

"The Switching Hour" is the first episode of the first season from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, and the first episode overall.


On Halloween night, Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm go out after the Gromble told them not to. Little do they know, Nicky, the human that Ickis scared the night before, dressed up as Ickis for Halloween, resulting in Oblina and Krumm thinking that Nicky is the real Ickis, causing him and Nicky to switch places.


On Halloween night, a small human boy named Nicky is taking out the garbage. He spots a little monster, who startles him. Nicky alerts his older brother Jake of this monster, who thinks Nicky is crazy as he saw the monster as a "bunny rabbit". Nicky is now angered, but continues with his chores also thinking about the little monster who scared him. At the Monster Academy, the Gromble announces to all of his monster students that it is Halloween and that monsters are banned from walking out of the dump. He tells them that he has three punishments for anyone who disobeys him: "bad", "really bad", and "you don't want to know". Three of the monsters are disappointed, as they were planning on escaping to the human world. After school ends and they are in their room, the little bunny monster doesn't want to disobey the Gromble so two other monsters convince him to.

Nicky, the human that the monster scared the night before, dresses up as him for Halloween. In his room, Jake enters and complains that while trick-or-treating, he has to take Nicky with, but forces him to keep his mouth shut. He scares Nicky with a fake hand by doing a handshake, causing Nicky to run toward his cat on a chair, who jumps to the ceiling in fear. In the dump at the Monster Academy, after the mosnter throws one of his eyeballs to cause a toilet to fall on the Snorch's head, knocking him out, the monsters escape to the human world. When they see kids getting candy, all three monsters try to scare the kids, but the kids think that they're humans in costumes, not real monsters (the first monster is a scratch n' sniff costume, the second monster is a transformer since she can shapeshift, and the third one is a bunny) The kids give the monsters pennies, which is what the woman gave out at her home. Meanwhile, Jake and his friends are in the neighborhood, planning to wipe out the neighborhood with toilet paper. Nicky appears in his costume, and the boys, thinking he's a rabbit, laugh at him. Nicky tries to defend himself saying he's a monster, so Jake reminds his friends about Nicky seeing the monster in the garbage the other night, before the continue with the night. The monsters reach the woman's house (while saying the "trick or treat" line incorrectly). She is startled by how they look, and calls her husband Herb over. He is also impressed, thinking the monsters are also in costumes. The monsters want more pennies, so they knock again, but she isn't willing to give them more. They go to a different house, which has a house party. One of the partygoers makes everyone get in a circle, and pass on a disgusting item, both of which the monster ends up eating. He tries to pass on his eyes, scaring everyone else away. Afterward, Jake (Nicky's brother) and his friends start ruining the neighborhood with eggs and toilet paper. Nicky nearly wanders off into the woods without the others knowing. One of Jake's friends mistake the little monster for Nicky, and the other two monsters mistake Nicky for as the little monster. He passed out after the one scared him and took him away.

Nicky is taken back to the trio's dorm where they find out it is Nicky in costume as he wakes up. Nicky was freaked out by this but they introduced themselves that goes by the names Oblina and Krumm. Oblina tries to tell Nicky they aren't monsters, despite being wierd looking and smelling bad, as he points out. They demanded to know what he has done with Ickis, a little purple imp they were with. Nicky recognized him and he said that he made the costume to look like him. However, if Jake comes home without him, he will be grounded for life. Oblina agreed with Krumm and they must find Ickis and return Nicky. Before they can, the Gromble appears and asks what they are doing in the hall after curfew. He demands them to go back in their dorm, before he gets the Snorch.

Nicky (as Ickis) is taken to the classroom. He attempts to leave, until a random monster gets his attention and frightens him, causing him to run away in fear, wanting Krumm and Oblina to stay close to him. Another monster offers him a rat, scaring him again. The Gromble enters to wish everyone a Happy Halloween, but expresses disappointment that they all (except Krumm and Oblina) missed it. Still, he moves on the the assignment from last week, starting with a pink clam-shaped monster. He is strapped to a chair, and a monitor displays footage of it sneaking under a family's dinner table, frightening the dog, and when the son is alerted of this, the monster's hairy toungue licks his face, making him scream. Satisfied with what he saw, the Gromble tries to pick Nicky, thinking he's Ickis, but Oblina attempts to stop Nicky from being picked, claiming "Ickis" hasn't been acting like himself. Still, Nicky is forcefully grabbed and strapped to the chair, and footage is shown from when Nicky accidentally scared his cat on Halloween. Pleased with him, the Gromble tries to offer Nicky a worm, but Krumm quickly eats it for him, saying Ickis is on a diet. After stopping a short break, Gromble announces that some of the monsters were out last night, and asks one of the monsters if it was him, which he tries to deny. Nicky says to Oblina that she claimed that monsters don't eat humans, which is true, but she didn't say monsters don't eat other monsters, making him gasp in horror.

Meanwhile, Ickis was taken to Jake's house. Jake starts to poke Ickis with a broom to get him to come out from under the bunk bed, but Ickis eats the end, so Jake leaves. Ickis whispers for Oblina and Krumm, as he's worried at being at Nicky's home. At breakfast, he is forcefully sat down, and Jake thinks Ickis is still wearing his Halloween costume. He complains to his mom that "Nicky" won't take off his costume, so the mom tells Jake to stop bugging his brother, and tells Ickis to dress up. After getting hit with some of Jake's food, Ickis tries on several outfits to fit it, settling on a teal baseball cap, a long sleeved shirt, and blue sneakers. He sits back down and sees a bowl with an egg, which he eats piggishly. The mom shows concern for her "son", thinking he has a frog in his throat. He actually does, as the frog comes out of his mouth, and hops into Jake's food, getting some of his on his face, and spilling his milk. Jakes says that his 'brother' is a dweeb, which Ickis takes as a complement. Jake then walks out of the house, and Ickis follows him, but the mom reminds him to kiss her. Wihtout her noticing, Ickis has the frog kiss her on the cheek for him, then he runs off. Ickis then rides the school bus, followed by the scene going back to the Monster Academy.

Ickis goes to Nicky's school, when Nicky's teacher asks him to describe his house to the class, but instead of describing Nicky's house, Ickis describes the dump; resulting in him getting laughed at by the classmates, but also getting detention for disrupting the class. Once in the detention room, Ickis gets into a fight with the tough kids when they bully him. After school, Jake and his friends go back to the house to trade Halloween candy, so Ickis suggests to flush himself down the toilet. But when Jake rips off Ickis' hat, they both get into a fight; triggering Ickis' jumpscare mode and chasing Jake's friends away.

Nicky gets home safely (where he taunts Jake, who is hiding under the bed after the traumatic scare) and the monsters are reunited back together. Back at the Monster Academy, the monster trio, thinking they're not being punished by the Gromble, are being treated like royalty, although they did disobey him. So they have to choose which punishment. Ickis asks what punishment #3, "You Don't Want To Know" is, so the door opens revealing a black screen with someone screaming.


Home Media[]


  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: Monsters' Night Out


  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: Season 1


  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: Season 1
  • Nickelodeon Rewind, Volume 1


  • In this episode, until the Snorch is introduced, it is revealed that The Gromble has 3 different punishments for any monster who disobeys him:
    1. Something Bad
    2. Something Really Bad
    3. You Don't Want To Know
  • The scene in which Ickis dances at the Halloween party is featured in a Nicktoons commercial advertising Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Life, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, and Hey Arnold!.
  • This is the first episode in which Bradley does not appear.
  • Before Jake pins Ickis to the floor, Ickis was in his Nicky disguise, but when Ickis is on the floor, the disguise clothes disappear.
  • This is the only episode to make it into the "Top 100 Greatest Moments In Nicktoon History", when it was ranked #53.
  • This episode was released on the VHS release, "Monsters' Night Out".
  • This episode was re-aired on November 22, 2007 during the Super Stuffed Nicktoons Weekend.


  • After Oblina and Krumm realize that Nicky was switched with Ickis, Oblina asks Krumm "You think Ickis was switched with Nicky?", even though he never mentioned his name to them.
  • This episode has a large number of animation and coloring errors. Notably, the student sitting next to Ickis witched between a blue mustachioed monster and a blue-colored Hairyette

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