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[We begin in a dark night on Halloween night. A boy named Nicky is taking out the garbage.]

Jake: Hey, Nicky, don't forget your purse.

[He throws the trash bag at Nicky.]

Nicky: Cut it out, Jake! I'm gonna tell Mom!

Jake: Oh, I'm shaking.

[Nicky continues to do his chores. As he opens the trash lid, he sees a little monster munching on some garbage. For a moment, the creature croaks. Terrified, Nicky screams and runs to the door banging it hard.]

Nicky: Open up! Quick! There's a monster out here!

[Jakes opens the door but he saw nothing. Only a small figure running into the woods.]

Jake: Nicky, can you say bunny rabbit?

[Jake leaves while Nicky stares at what he just saw in curiosity. We cut to a City dump where underneath the small creatures lurk. The camera pans over two monsters talking to each other.]

Sloolip: I can't wait for Halloween. I’m gonna scare those kids so bad they’ll never sleep again. 

Ibalo: Ha! You couldn't scare your own shadow.

Sloolip: [Scares shadow] Satisfied? 

[They see more shadows and both run away screaming. Next, over half of an auditorium full of seats, more of the monsters come in through a doorway, just as Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm are seen for the first time entering the auditorium together.] 

Ickis: (first lines) I hear they throw rotten eggs everywhere!

Krumm: (first lines) Yummy!

Oblina: (first lines) Why waste a perfectly rotten egg?

Ickis: Humans. Go figure. [The three friends take their seats, just as another monster appears in his way, bothering him.] What are you looking at? 

Monster: Sorry. [It's head turns like an animatronic, revealing another face in the back.]

Ickis: Thanks. 

Oblina: (bothered by the monster's pit hair) Do you mind? 

Krumm: (Rubs his right armpit with his eyeball.) Bad hair day.

[A pencil monster draws a note, reading "The Gromble Bites" and passes it to the two-faced monster, who laughs and passes it on to another. The Monster Leader comes in, forcing the other students to pass it back to the last monster, until the Gromble walks over to purple monster's seat. He grabs the note from him.]

Gromble: (first lines) Lovely sentiment, Ickis, and I do too. (He snarls at Ickis, causing the imp to flinch back. The Gromble turns his attention to the students.) Now, you all know tonight will be your first Halloween. [monsters cheer] And we’ve been preparing for this glorious night all year. A Night of mischief. [monsters cheer] A night of mayhem. [monsters cheer] A night of... total terror. [monsters cheer again] QUIET! You also know the results of last week's midterms are in, and you pus-mongers have really let me down this time! (sobs) How hard could it be to scare the pants off an eight year-old? (holds a pair of pants up for an example) THIS WAS ALL YOU CAME UP WITH?!?!

[Everyone laughs at the Gromble, with a monster spraying his sewage and the other licking it up.]

Gromble: I'm glad you find this so amusing. Perhaps you and your classmates can enjoy a real laugh riot while you're SITTING IN YOUR ROOMS TONIGHT! 

Ickis: But, Your Grombleness, it's Halloween.

Gromble: What? You think you deserve to go out on Halloween?

Stazula: Uh, yes.

Gromble: Looking for a yes? (Spins a slot machine and all three slots say the word NO) WRONG! SILENCE! I've have spoken. AS FAR AS YOU RINGWORMS ARE CONCERNED, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS Halloween.

Ickis: First, the tooth fairy; now, this. 

Oblina: Halloween is a national holiday. He can’t do this. Can he? 

Gromble: And just in case anyone of you is stupid enough to define me, my little friend will be guarding the exit. [The camera whips up to the Scorch, causing the monster students to whisper his name.] 

Krumm: What happened to the honor assistant?

Gromble: Don't be afraid, my pets. He’s been giving straight instructions not to hurt a hair on your heads. [Hair creatures cheer.] Instantly to catch you and bring you to me. I’ll handle the discipline with one of three choices: [The doors open to reveal three different chambers as he speaks.] Something Bad, Something Really Bad or You Don’t Want To Know. After all, why should he have all the fun? What about my needs? 

[We cut back to Nicky's house. Nicky is getting dress to go out. His costume is a purple monster. Jake, wearing a pirate costume comes in.]

Jake: Mom just ruined my Halloween.

Nicky: You can't go out?

Jake: Worse, I've got to take you.

Nicky: I'll be good, Jake. I promise.

Jake: That's right, You will. And you'll keep your mouth shut no matter what you see or hear, get it?

Nicky: [putting his helmet on] I won't see or hear anything.

Jake: Glad we understand each other.

[Nicky takes Jake's hand, which turns out to be a prop. Nicky screams, startling his pet cat. We cut back to the dump.]

Shum: The Frunk and I are slippin' out though the main drainage pipe. You guys wanna come, you can slide by the Frunk.

Krumm: Go with the flow. (chuckles)

Oblina: As appealing as that sounds, I think we'll be finding our own way up. Thank you very much.

Ickis: I don't think I'll be able to go. I had some bad pencils for lunch and there sitting in my stomach like legs.

Oblina: Come on, Ickis. Don't start this again.

Ickis: But you heard what the Gromble said. He said-

Oblina: I heard him. I also see those two are crawling.

Monster 1: So, Pencil Breath, what's it gonna be?

Monster 2: Ickis could never disobey the Gromble.

Ickis: I could too! If I had a rat for every time I disobeyed The Gromble, I would have... (nervously) a lot of rats.

[Scene changes to the pipes.]

Ickis: What if we get caught?

Krumm: Relax.

Ickis: What if we get lost?

Oblina: Don't fret, Icky. Krumm has an excellent sense of direction.

Ickis: What if it starts to rain, and my ears full up with water and I drown? It could happen.

[The monsters peer out of the manhole cover to see the Snorch in front of them, Krumm then sends one of his eyeballs down the top of a pile of junk and knocks a toilet down onto the Snorch knocking him out, the monsters escape the dump. There they see kids getting candy.]

Kids: Trick or treat!

Krumm: They're gonna wish they were born without noses.

[Krumm comes to the two kids.]

Boy: A scratch and sniff costume. Whew! That's nasty. [Oblina runs up to the two kids and tries to scare them] Hey, a transformer. Where did you get your costume?

[Ickis runs up to the two kids and tries to scare them.]

Girl: Look at those ears. What did you do when it rains? [laughs] Well, see you around.

Boy: Here, this lady's only giving out pennies. [Gives Ickis a handful of pennies]

Oblina: They thought we were humans in costume.

Ickis: How humiliating.

Krumm: I never been so embarrassed.

Ickis: So, um, what do we do now?

[They take a bite of those treats.]

Krumm: I could go for some more of those copper gooded treats.

Oblina: Mmm. They were awfully good.

Krumm: What did those kids say again?

Oblina: Pick your meat.

Ickis: I think it was prick your feet.

Oblina: I definitely heard meat.

Ickis: No, no. That makes no sense. Prick your meat. Prick your feet, I understand you know prick your feet. But pick your meat?

[Meanwhile, Jake was with his friends, they are planning to ruin the neighborhood with a few eggs and toilet paper.]

Jake: I brought enough toilet paper to wipe up the entire neighborhood.

Jake's friend: Hey, didn't you get stuck with your little brother?

[Nicky emerges out of the bushes.]

Jake's friend: Oh excellent, now you got an attack rabbit.

[The boys started laughing at him.]

Nicky: I'm a monster.

Jake: Hey, don't laugh. Nicky actually saw one of these in the garbage. It's ingine, Nicky. Don't worry, he'll stay out of the way.

[Nicky continues on following the boys. Meanwhile, with the monsters.]

Oblina: So we agreed.

Monsters: Prick your feet!

[The door opens.]

Hair: My, you certainly are the most... Herb! You might get out here for a minute, please! Have you ever seen such things?

[The man Herb comes out.]

Herb: Finally, some kids with imagination.

Hair: What are you all supposed to be?

Herb: Well, that one's a candy cane. and that one's like uh... jack rabbit or something. And that one... Ohh. Son, whatever you are, you outta take that costume off and get some air. Think you're starting to rot in there.

Hair: Nice job on the costumes.

Krumm: Hey, this is good too. Especially the outside.

Ickis: Let's get some more.

[They ring the doorbell again]

Monsters: Prick your feet!

[Hair comes to the door again]

Monsters: Prick your feet!

Hair: Hey, it was cute the first time but don't push your luck.

[The monsters then go the house where the party is]

Monsters: Prick your feet!

Kid: Very funny, The party's in the den.

[They enter the house where all the kids are having fun.]

Krumm: [Looking over the barrel with apples in it] What's the big deal. There aren't even any worms in there.

Skeleton Kid: Let's play dead man's game. Everybody, get in a circle. Now we pass around the grossest thing we can think of, and I'll go first. [He uses the jelly mold.] The belly fat of a decaying mongoose.

Krumm: [Eats the jelly mold] I've had better.

[One kid pulled a stick of gum.]

Pyramid Kid: The petrified booger of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Krumm: [Eats the gum] Wow. It's too chewy after all those years. Hey, I got one. My very own eyes. Have a ball.

Kid: [Turning the lights on] What's going on in here?

[The sparrow girl stares at the eyes and screams. The other kids run away too.]

Krumm: What? They're just eyeballs.

[Meanwhile, Jake and his friends peek though the bushes.]

Jake: Ready on patrol. Action on the right flank. Prime all weaponry. Attack!

[Nicky wanders off into the woods. Meanwhile the kids are running and getting hit by eggs and toilet paper.]

Oblina: Ickis, Come on!

Jake's friend: Hey, It's Nicky! [Grabs Ickis] You're supposed to stay back. Jake's gonna kill you when he sees you here.

{Meanwhile the monsters are safe. Nicky turned to see them much to his confusion.]

Krumm: Hey, how did you beat us here?

Oblina: Those kids were vicious I have half of mind to go back there and give them some of this.

[Nicky screams and passes out after the girl monster scares him.]

Krumm: Now you've done it.

Oblina: I guess there's only one thing to do now.

Krumm: Eat more?

Oblina: Carry him back, genius. we can't leave him out here.

[Meanwhile, the imp was brought back to Jake's group.]

Jake: Next time, we're gonna egg you and leave you there, got it? You could have gotten hurt, cottontail. Mom would have grounded me for life.

[Ickis was a little scared.]

Ickis: Hold that thought.

[He runs up into a tree.]

Jake: Come on, you can't stay in there forever.

Ickis: Wanna bet?

[The kids shake the tree to get him out and then wrap Ickis in toilet paper.]

Jake's friend: Come on. We're gonna be late for that party.

[Scene changes to the party]

Kid: Nice try, pal. You're just weren't scary enough.

Cowboy kid: Hey, there's no toilet paper.

Box girl: Hey, nice costume. Love the ears!

[The box girl and Ickis then dance together]

Lady bug girl: He's kinda short, but what a babe.

[We cut to the dump. The strange monsters put the unconscious Nicky on the bed.]

Krumm: Poor Ickis. He pricked his feet one time too many.

Oblina: Halloween is a major holiday. We should have started out on something a little easier like Groundhog's Day.

[Nicky wakes up and saw the monsters as he yelps.]

Oblina: [gasps] This isn't Ickis. It's a little boy.

Krumm: He looks just like Ickis. You look just like Ickis.

Nicky: Don't eat me, don't eat me.

Oblina: We don't eat humans. Who knows where they've been?

Krumm: Who be left to scare.

Nicky: Are you...monsters?

Krumm: Yep.

Nicky: Ahh! [Runs away] Monsters!

Oblina: [irritated] Nice work! [to Nicky] Of course, we're not monsters.

Nicky: But you're hairy and weird looking. [Holds his nose] And you smell really bad.

Krumm: Thanks.

[Without knowing what to do, the girl monster introduces Nicky to herself and her friend.]

Oblina: Look, I'm Oblina, this is Krumm, and we demand to know what you've done with our friend Ickis.

Nicky: Ickis?

Oblina: You know. small chap, big ears, color of a fresh bruise.. [She shape shifts into what the imp looks like]

Nicky: Does he eat garbage?

Oblina: That's him.

Nicky: I've seen him. I made my costume to look like him.

Oblina: Well, if you're here that means....

Nicky: It means my brother is in big trouble. When he comes home without me, Mom's gonna ground him for life.

Krumm: I got it.

Oblina: Krumm, you're a genius. You think Ickis was switched with Nicky?

Krumm: Maybe. But look. I can stuff six of these things on each side of my mouth. Try it.

Oblina: Krumm, we must find Ickis and return this boy immediately.

Gromble: Well, well, well, and what are we doing after curfew?

Krumm: Ickis is sick. He's needs some air.

Gromble: Sick? He doesn't look ill to me. In fact he look more robust then ever. Now, get back inside, BEFORE I SEND SNORCH TO TUCK YOU IN!

[Nicky looks back before Oblina grabs him away. We fade to the auditorium the next morning.]

Dizzle: (first lines) Hi, Ickis.

Nicky: [whispers] Stay close to me. (Oblina and Krumm huddle over to Nicky.) Not that close.

Leaky: (first lines) Hey, Ickis, here's the rat I owe ya!

[It disgusts Nicky and yelps]

Gromble: First, I just want to wish all a Happy Halloween. [monsters groan] Oh no that's right, you missed all the fun. How terribly insensitive. Ahh, I just love being me. But, enough chitchat. Let's turn to last week's assignment, shall we?

(One of the creatures, a spider-like creature, climbs up to the Viewfinder, which replays the monster scaring a family dog and a human boy.)

Gromble: That's one way to lick the problem. Alrighty, let's see who wants to be next? Master Ickis?

Oblina: With all due respect, sir, you don't want Ickis.

Gromble: Oh and why not?

Oblina: Well, to be honest, Ickis hasn't been acting like himself lately. He's been just a-

[Nicky was pulled into the Viewfinder where his vision sees that he scared his pet cat.]

Gromble: Splendid, Ickis! Good hang time. (hands Nicky a bug) Go ahead, eat it.

Krumm: (snatches the bug from Gromble's hands) He's trying to cut down.

Gromble: Break time. (The students get up to leave the auditorium, until the Gromble calls them back.) BREAK'S OVER!

[The other students walk back to their seats.]

Gromble: Now, I have reason to believe that some of you hang-nail little sneaks were out last night. (Krumm and Oblina look at each other worriedly, as Gromble corners Slimebucket (Dip in this episode) Now, Dip, was it you?

Slimebucket (Dip): (first lines, begging for mercy) No, Your Grombleness. I would nev- [Gets cut off]

Gromble: ENOUGH!

Oblina: [softly] Apparently, everyone chickened out last night, except me. Oh, and you, too.

Krumm: The Gromble's gonna bite our heads off for sure.

Nicky: You said monsters don't eat humans.

Oblina: True. But I never said we don't eat other monsters.

[Nicky gasps as if he knows it's true.]

Gromble: Make no mistake. I will find out who disobeyed me and when I do... (He eats a bug to prove his point.)

[We cut to Nicky's house.]

Nicky's mom: Come on, guys. I said breakfast.

Jake: [Trying to get the imp out of the bed with a broom.] You heard mom. Get out of there now or I'll give you a broom handle sandwich.

[A snapping sound is heard. Jake looked at the broom. It was broken because the imp ate it.]

Jake: Mom! Nicky broke the broom!

Ickis: (sighs sadly) Oblina. Krumm.

Nicky's mom: And where do you think you're going? Now you sit down and eat your breakfast.

Jake: In case you didn't know, Halloween is over, Bonehead.

Ickis: [Getting pulled in the ears.] OW!

Jake: Mom, Bonehead won't take off his stupid costume.

Nicky's mom: Jake, stop picking on your brother. Sorry, kiddo. No breakfast until you put on some real clothes.

Jake: You gotta have breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day.

[The monster tries all the clothes on, but none of them suits him. Finally he finds the perfect outfit.]

Ickis: Uh-uh, No Way, Ah. polyester.

[The monster goes back to the kitchen and eats the egg in one gulp.]

Jake: Where are you from?

Ickis: [low] You wouldn't believe me....

Nicky's mom: Honey, are you okay? You sound like you got a frog stuck in your throat.

[As she turns away, the imp pulls out the frog he had in his mouth and it hop all over the table.]

Jake: You really are a dweeb.

Ickis: Thanks!

Nicky's mom: Aren't you forgetting something? What about my kiss? I don't hmave cooties.

Ickis: You can borrow mine. [Has a frog kisses Nicky's mom on the cheek from the imp's mouth]

[We move to the Dump.]

Gromble: Now remember. The point is to pierce eardrums, give chills and generally reduce humans to saggy meat lumps of goo. And a one and a two and a three. Pick up the pace. I need more from the howlers. Work with me people, work with me. Ok, back row, now really sell it. There's something missing.

[Nicky gets an idea. He uses his claws on the chalkboard making a screeching noise.]

Gromble: That was maliflouis. Absolutely malifloiuis. And to think I said you never amount to anything. [Walks over to Nicky and hugs him while crying tears of joy]

[Gromble was laughing. Oblina and Krumm looked pleased.]

Teacher: Now class, yesterday we learned all about Wonder frimlious pit house cando with sweeping river views and a wrap around terrace. Today, Nicky will tell us all about his house. Nicky?

Ickis: My house? Um Let's see.... It's got the best trash you'll ever find. There's enough maggots and broken car parts and chicken bones to feed our family for weeks I live in a filthy disgusting dump!

[The kids started laughing.]

Teacher: I think you know where you're going, young man.

Ickis: Oh no. Not the trash compactor.

[They're in detention where two tough kids are talking to each other to get flattened.]

Tough Kid 1: Squash me like a bug and I'll flatten you like a pancake.

Tough Kid 2: Flatten me like a pancake and I'll mash you like potatoes.

Tough Kid 1: Mash me like potatoes and I'll-

Tough kid 2: What are you in for?

Ickis: Disrupting class.

Tough Kid 2: Oohhh, disrupting class.

Tough Kid 1: The little wimp disrupted class.

Tough Kid 2: Like this? [Rocks the desk]

Tough Kid 1: Like this? [Spits a ball at Ickis]

Ickis: More like this! [Bites the chair right out.]

[After school, Jake has invited his friends to trade candy.]

Jake: Hold it. We can't split this up without Nicky.

[From outside the bedroom, Ickis sighed sadly.]

Ickis: I guess they're not coming. Maybe I'll just flush myself down the toilet and hope for the best.

[He opens the door while the boys stop from what they are doing.]

Ickis: I need to use the bathroom.

Jake: You have a serious wardrobe problem. [Rips off the hat]

Ickis: You'll be sorry.

Jake: What are you gonna do to me? What if I just took this- [He tries to pull Ickis's ears]

Ickis: Cut it out!

Jake: Uh, oh. Here it comes. Go cry for mommy.

[This is enough for Ickis, as he jumps toward Jake, who pins him down, ready to punch him. Without warning, his eyes turn a bloody red, as he kicks Jake away. Ickis looms at least 15 feet tall and roars. Jake hides under the bed while his friends flee. At the same time, Nicky gets home safely with Oblina and Krumm leading the way.]

Oblina: Now remember, don't tell anyone where you've been.

Nicky: No one will believe me if I did.

[Nicky goes inside the house. Oblina and Krumm head to the corner of the house, meanwhile Ickis unlooms back to his normal self.]

Krumm: You okay?

Ickis: I'm better then okay. I'm [Yells] bad to the bone! I'm bad, I'm bad. [laughter] I'm bad!

[Ickis happily leaves with his monster friends, while Nicky checks under the bed where a scared Jake is hiding.]

Jake: Monsters.

Nicky: Oh Jakie, can you say bunny rabbit?

Jake: [screaming] MOMMY!!

(We cut back to the auditorium.)

Ickis: So, they were tough. So I was outnumbered. It takes more than fifteen men to scare me.

Oblina: Fifteen? Excuse me, but there were six; two wore short pants, and none of them shaved.

(The Gromble enters into the auditorium, flexing his fingers.)

Gromble: Ahem. Since none of you confessed to going above ground on Halloween, I did a little detective work.

Ickis: He'll never be able to pin this on us.

Gromble: And with the aid of a rusty tweezer and the garden weasel, I made Four Eyes here squeal like a stuck pig.

Ickis: [scared] We're doomed!

Gromble: Oblina, Krumm and Ickis. Would you please stand up?

[The monsters tremble as they stand up.]

Gromble: Class, I want you all to take a good look at these three. Take a good long look. For they are the future leaders of tomorrow!

Krumm: I told you not to sweat it.

Gromble: Unlike the REST OF YOU SLOBBERING PANTYWAISTS! These students acted like real monsters. They went out on Halloween. However, let's not forget they did disobey me. Therefore...

[The Chamber of Horrors reveals the punishments again like before.]

Ickis: Um, what's behind door number three again?

[The door opens to a black screen, and we zoom into it with someone screaming afterwards.]