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The Tree of Ickis

The Tree of Ickis is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 2nd season.

Characters present[]


Ickis eats an acorn and slowly turns into a tree which is bad enough before loggers start coming around.


A couple are having a picnic at the forest and Oblina is hiding up a tree. When the man asks his girlfriend if she would marry him, the woman spots Oblina wrapped around the tree and screams in terror. She runs away and the man thinks that she just need time to think it over. Krumm appears behind him and the man is finally frightened away when Ickis emerges out of the picnic basket. The Monsters munch on the material and a large seed hits Ickis on the head. Oblina warns him that the Gromble said not to eat anything from trees, but Ickis flouts the warning and swallows the seed anyway.

Back at The Monsters' dorm room, they are seen sleeping and Ickis wakes up to find that leaves have sprouted on his head and his body turning into wood. Oblina and Krumm wake up to it and try to help Ickis out, but to no avail. Soon, the young monster starts sprouting roots from his feet and gets buried underground.

The next day, a barber shears the leaves off of Ickis' head and manages to give him a hairstyle-like hedge. Ickis demands the barber to cut it all off, which he proceeds to doing, leaving small stumps on the monster's head. The tree, however, re-sprouts on Ickis' head.

Later, during the night Ickis is revealed to be a full tree as he is taken to the dump by his friends, who take him to the forest and leave him there. The next day, a woodpecker pecks on tree-transformed Ickis, a squirrel throws nuts at him, and beavers chew through his wood. Just then, the couple from earlier plant a red X onto him and lounge under him. When they attempt to cut him, they get interrupted by the wind and run away. Ickis comes across a monster tree named Gooloog, who is the one who has been blowing the wind. Gooloog explains that he put something that didn't belong inside his mouth 527 years ago and as a result, he is a permanent tree. He also tells Ickis that since he has the X across him, he will be the first tree to get cut down, much to the tree-transformed monster's horror.

Back at the dorm room, Oblina and Krumm decide to collect termites for Ickis, who is now attacked to the soil back at the forest. Back at the dump, Oblina and Krumm run with the jar of termites, but Oblina trips and drops the jar, which lands safely in Krumm's hands. The two monsters continue running and by the time they make it to the forest, Ickis has been chopped down and is now on a truck that supplies wood. Oblina and Krumm follow the truck and hop on. The truck comes to a sharp turn, nearly sending Krumm flying and the jar of termites falling from his hand. Luckily, he catches the jar and hands it to Oblina as she helps him back on the truck. Krumm saves Oblina from getting hit by the tip top of the tunnel opening that the truck rides through. The truck comes to a sudden stop and Ickis is taken on the conveyor belt along with the other tree trunks to the lumberjack to get sliced and shredded. Oblina tosses the jar of termites onto him and the termites tickle him, turning him back to his regular monster form.

Ickis decides to use the termites to free Gooloog, but he tells him that freedom is too much responsibility and says he likes the nature in the forest, with the exception of the squirrels. As one pop out of his mouth, he and Ickis laugh at this as the episode irises out.