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[episode starts at the park.]

Man: Honey? There's something I been wanting ask you for a long time.

Woman: Yes?

Man: Will you marry me? [???] Okay. I see you need some time to think it over.


Krumm: I thought he never leave.

Oblina: Let's eat.

Ickis: I just like to nipple. [a chestnut fell on his head] Ow. Ah, dessert.

Oblina: Ickis, stop! It come from the tree. You know what the Gromble said about monsters eating things from trees.

Ickis: Don't worry Oblina, what could happen?

[Ickis eats the chestnut. The next morning, something odd happened to Ickis.]

Ickis: What is going on here? Oblina? Krumm?

[Oblina wakes up and sees ickis had sprouted roods and leaves on his head.]

Oblina: Ickis, my goodness. Krumm, wake up.

Krumm: What, where?

Ickis: If it's too much trouble, Mind if you please.... [Takes the stick out of his mouth and camera briefly zooms into his face after that.] GET ME OUTTA HERE!

[They tried to pull him only for the fridge to break loose.]

Oblina: I am certainly not want to say I told you so, Ickis.

Ickis: Oblina, put a sock in it!

Krumm: Do you look kinda festive.

[Ickis tries to walk, but his feet are implanted in the ground as he tried to get out, causing a hole that caused him to sink.]

Ickis: Don't just stand there. Weed me!

Barber Monster: I know exactly what you want.

Ickis: I cannot go out looking like this. Everybody will laugh at me.

Barber Monster: Don't be so pashwa. How about that Mr. Monster it's so you.

Ickis: No, no, no, no! Just cut it all off!

Barber Monster: But if you insist.

Ickis: Now that's more like it. [more leaves grow]

[Later that night, Oblina and Krumm take the poor Imp outside. Ickis' body was getting longer, his fur turning into wood and more branches started to grow. on his head.]

Ickis: Easy, you guys.

Krumm: Sorry Ickis.

Oblina: Yes. I am so sorry, Ickis! How could I force you to eat that seed? What was I thinking?

Ickis: Alright, alright, don't rub it in,

Oblina: Alright, this is fine. Plant him here.

[They set him down.]

Krumm: You should be more comfortable.

Ickis: Hey, wait a minute. What are you guys doing? You can't leave me here alone.



Ickis: Guess it is rather peaceful out there.


Man: Should I like to the heart first or initials?

Woman: Cut the heart out first.

Man: Just the wind I think.

Woman: This place is giving me the creeps.

Man: Let's get out of here.

Tree monster: That was a good one.

Ickis: You're a monster too?

Tree monster:

Ickis: How did you get here?

Tree monster: How did I get here? I was framed.

Ickis: My name is-

Tree monster: No names kid. You got the mark.

Ickis: What happens when you get the bark?

Tree monster: It's not good kid.

[Ickis squeals.]



Oblina: Krumm, can you stop thinking about food for one minute and think about our friend who happens to be..

Krumm: I am?

Oblina: Termites.

Ickis: AAHHH!!!! [Tries to get out.]

Tree monster: It's no use kid. Your feet are planted too firmly in the ground.

Krumm: Gotcha!

Oblina: Excellent.

[Ickis gets chopped by the lumber jacker with the chainsaw and he screams as he falls down, knocking him out unconscious.]

Tree monster: After 527 years, you think I have seen everything.

Krumm: He escaped.

Oblina: Where ever could he have gone?

Tree monster: He's on the tree mover!

Oblina and Krumm: Thank you.

Ickis: Get off of me you big log!

Oblina: Icky!

Krumm: We're coming Ickis!

Ickis: Oblina, Krumm. Save me.

Krumm: Which one's Ickis?

Ickis: I'm down here!

Oblina: Are you alright Icky?

Ickis: I've been better.



Oblina: Krumm? Krumm what are you doing down there. Hand me that jar.

Krumm: Oblina?


Krumm: Oblina?

Oblina: What?

Krumm: Duck.

Ickis: Hello, remember me? WHAT IS GOING ON UP THERE!?

Oblina: Sit tight Ickis, we shall be right there. Finally.


Krumm: Ickis! Ickis!

Oblina: Ickis, where are you? Where oh where?

Ickis: Get me out of here!


Oblina: Oh Icky! Thank goodness you are you again.

Krumm: Not to you would've be ate to find Watornville Slugger.

Ickis: Help me catch the bugs.

Oblina: Come now, Ickis. We can eat when we get home.

Ickis: These bugs aren't for you.

Tree monster: I appreciated kid, but freedom's too much responsibility, I got everything I need here, plenty of bird droppings, I get my three scares a year, Country life's not so bad, I like everything about it, except with those doggone squirrels [Laughs Hardly]

Ickis: [Giggles]