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[episode starts at the park.]

Man: Honey? There's something I been wanting ask you for a long time.

Woman: Yes?

Man: Will you marry me? [???] Okay. I see you need some time to think it over.


Krumm: I thought he never leave.

Oblina: Let's eat.

Ickis: I just like to nibble. [a chestnut fell on his head] Ow. Ah, dessert.

Oblina: Ickis, no! That come from the tree. You know what the Gromble said about monsters eating things from trees.

Ickis: Don't worry, Oblina, what could happen?

[Ickis eats the chestnut. The next morning, something odd happened to Ickis.]

Ickis: What is going on here? Oblina? Krumm?

[Oblina wakes up and sees Ickis had sprouted roots and leaves on his head.]

Oblina: [horrified] Ickis, my goodness. Krumm, wake up. Krumm. Krumm? KRUMM!

Krumm: [wakes up] What, where?

Ickis: If it's too much trouble, would someone please... [Takes the stick out of his mouth and camera briefly zooms into his face after that.] GET ME OUTTA HERE!

[They tried to pull him only for the fridge to break loose.]

Oblina: I am certainly not want to say I told you so, Ickis, but I...

Ickis: Oblina, put a sock in it!

Krumm: You to look kinda festive.

[Ickis tries to walk, but his feet are implanted in the ground as he tried to get out, causing a hole that caused him to sink.]

Ickis: Don't just stand there. Weed me!

Barber Monster: I know exactly what you want.

[Barber Monster snip the half of trees, it looks like a swan.]

Ickis: I cannot go out looking like this. Everybody will laugh at me.

Barber Monster: Don't be so pashwa. How about that, Mr. Monster? It's so you.

Ickis: No, no, no, no! Just cut it all off!

Barber Monster: Boring. But if you insist.

[He cuts all of the trees off.]

Ickis: Now that's more like it. [more leaves grow]

[Later that night, Oblina and Krumm take the tree-shaped Ickis outside. Ickis' body was getting longer, his fur turning into wood and more branches started to grow. on his head.]

Ickis: Easy, you guys.

Krumm: Sorry, Ickis.

Oblina: Yes. I am so sorry, Ickis! Frightfully sorry. Morbidly sorry. How could I have done this to... How could I force you to eat that seed? What was I thinking?

Ickis: Alright, alright, don't rub it in.

Oblina: Alright, this is fine. Plant him here.

[They set him down.]

Krumm: You should be more comfortable here.

Ickis: Hey, wait a minute. What are you guys doing? You can't leave me here alone.

Krumm: We have to do, Ickis. It's the safest place for you.

Oblina: We will be back. As soon as we figure out How to get rid of that tree.

Ickis: Well. Guess it is rather peaceful out there.

[Ickis is now a tree. A woodpecker pecking him on the head and a squirrel put nuts in his mouth, but he spit it out.]

Man: Should I like to the heart first or initials?

Woman: Cut the heart out first.

Man: Just the wind, I think.

Woman: This place is giving me the creeps.

Man: Let's get out of here.

[They run away. Ickis hears a deep voice laughing.

Tree monster: That was a good one. You don't get a chance to use that one much anymore. The old whistling wind scare. Nothing like the old stand-bys.

Ickis: You're a monster, too?

Tree monster: Of course, I'm a monster. You think something this ugly just happens in nature?

Ickis: How did you get here?

Tree monster: How did I get here? I was framed.

[Tree monster, but coughing more nuts out of his mouth]

Tree Monster: Doggone squirrels. Look, kid... How does anyone get here? Same way you got here. I put something in my mouth that didn't belong. 527 Years later, and I'm still here.

Ickis: My name is-

Tree monster: No names, kid. You got the mark across your trunk. You won't be around long... Don't want to get attached.

Ickis: What happens when you get the bark?

Tree monster: It's not good, kid.

[Ickis squeals.]

[Meanwhile, Oblina is pacing while Krumm is eating bugs.]

Krumm: I'll say one thing about the woods: Plenty of great bugs.

Oblina: Krumm, can you stop thinking about food for one minute and think about our friend who happens to be... Krummie, you're a genius.

Krumm: I am?

Oblina: Termites.

Ickis: AAHHH!!!! [Tries to get out.]

Tree monster: It's no use, kid. Your feet are planted too firmly in the ground!

[Oblina and Krumm are running, but Oblina trips and drop a jar full of termites, but Krumm manages to catch it.]

Krumm: Gotcha!

Oblina: Excellent hand-eye coordination, krumm.

[Ickis gets chopped by the lumber jacker with the chainsaw and he screams as he falls down, knocking him out unconscious.]

Tree monster: After 527 years, you think I have seen everything.

Krumm: He escaped.

Oblina: Wherever could he have gone?

Tree monster: He's on the tree mover!

Oblina and Krumm: Thank you.

Ickis: Get off of me, you big log!

Oblina: Icky!

Krumm: We're coming, Ickis!

Ickis: Oblina, Krumm. Save me.

Krumm: Which one's Ickis?

Ickis: I'm down here!

Oblina: Are you alright, Icky?

Ickis: I've been better.

Oblina: Worry not, ickis. We shall have you out of here In two shakes of a stick!


Oblina: Krumm? Krumm, what are you doing down there? Hand me that jar.

Krumm: Oblina?

Oblina: Honestly, krumm, this is no time to be frolicking.

Krumm: Oblina?

Oblina: What?

Krumm: Duck.

Ickis: Hello, remember me? WHAT IS GOING ON UP THERE!?

Oblina: Sit tight, Ickis, we shall be right there. Finally.

Ickis: I really don't need this now.

Krumm: Ickis! Ickis!

Oblina: Ickis, where are you? Where, oh, where?

Ickis: Get me out of here!

[Oblina throw the jar of termites to Ickis' mouth, all the termites are chewing the tree skin off of Ickis' skin and they tickled him. He is now turning into his original monster self.]

Oblina: Oh, Icky! Thank goodness, you are you again.

Krumm: Not to you would've be ate to find Watornville Slugger.

Ickis: Help me catch the bugs.

Oblina: Come now, Ickis. We can eat when we get home.

Ickis: These bugs aren't for you.

Tree monster: I appreciated, kid, but freedom's too much responsibility, I got everything I need here, plenty of bird droppings, I get my three scares a year, Country life's not so bad, I like everything about it, except with those doggone squirrels [Laughs Hardly]

Ickis: [Giggles]