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The War is Over

The War's Over is the second part of the eleventh episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from Season 1.

Characters present[]


The Gromble sends his three monster-students on a routine scare of an old house. But it appears the house is haunted. And they're not sure if ghosts can scare a monster. But, monsters have nothing worry about, because ghosts don't don't exist...or do they?


A human couple is shown running in terror from an old house. The next morning, a different human couple is walking inside the house with a real estate agent to inspect the inside. They hear a loud howl, which the man mistakes as the wind. The woman notices green slime oozing through the walls, which the man claims to be humidity. The couple then offers the real estate agent $30,000.00 for exorcism. Just then, a mysterious shadow shows up in the walls and the real estate agent runs away in terror, with the couple non-chalantly tagging along. The three monsters are seen falling through the chimney and meander through the house to find the owner of the house to scare him or her. Oblina goes upstairs and Ickis and Krumm go in opposite directions. The couple then return inside the house to decorate it.

While they scrub the floor, Krumm emerges from a grandfather clock to scare them, but slips on the water and into the pail of soap suds. The couple notices the monster's stench and the man adds pine powder to the pail to eradicate the stench. While the woman is vacuuming, Ickis attempts to scare her, but ends up getting sucked inside the vacuum cleaner. When the man tries to pull up the curtains of the window, Oblina hides behind to scare him, only to get wrapped with the drapes. As the couple leaves, Oblina suggests that they should surprise the couple in their sleep.

So during the night, they sneak through the hallway upstairs and hear a loud, mysterious howl. They did the most logic thing they could think of, they screamed. They run away, only to encounter a dead end, which has green slime oozing through the walls. They run away, but Ickis gets his foot caught in the cohesive green slime through the floorboards. Soon, Krumm gets caught in the slime and Oblina helps them both out. The Monsters run away and the man returns from the bathroom into the bedroom, conceding the fact that there are ghosts in the house and that the couple should claim them independence.

As they fall asleep, The Monsters attempt to leave, but Krumm says that they shouldn't leave until they have scared the humans. So they crawl through the vent and hear a rumbling sound. They exit out of the pipe and end up in the basement. An monster named Porg emerges out of the furnace and reveals to The Monsters that he was the one doing all the howling. He tells The Monsters that they are in an era of disbelief, which Ickis says that it was a time where few humans believed in monsters. When The Monsters tell Porg that The Gromble sent them, he tells them that they are in trouble, for he has been in the old house for 53 years. He has not been told that his time was up due to him being in the old house for so long. He also tells The Monsters that it has only been a week since he was in the Monster Academy and that he has only frightened humans who hasn't taken a glance at him. So The Monsters show him how to scare humans "the monster way." As the couple are set to leave, the four monsters scare them and the couple run out of the house in terror. Porg thanks The Monsters for the fun, but when Ickis asks Porg how he made the walls bulge, Porg says he didn't and soon, the walls ooze with green slime again, prompting the four monsters to run out of the house.

Back at the Monster Academy, The Monsters return, as well as Porg, and The Gromble marks him tardy. When he accidentally oozes on The Gromble, the other monsters laugh and The Gromble furiously chases him around.


  • This episode was released on the "Monsters' Night Out" VHS.