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[The episode starts with a couple moving to an old abandoned house.]

Woman: I can't believe how big this house is.

George: I know, honey but it's a little out of our price range.

Seller: All this space for only 60.000 dollars. It's bargin.

Woman: What was that?

Seller: I didn't hear anything.

George: It's just the wind. We can fix that. Of course, it will cost us.

Seller: Perhaps I can get The owner to lower His price to Say $50,000?

Woman: Mrs. Landers. There's some kind of green slime coming out of the walls.

Seller: Slime?

George: Honey, it's humanity.

Woman: But I never seen humanity do that.

George: Probably cost us a fortune To take care of, though.

Seller: Yes, um, how would $40,000 Sound to you?

Woman: Honey. For goodness sake, this place is haunted.

George: Do you have any idea How much a good Exorcism goes For these days?

Seller: Yes I do, there's expensive 30,000 but that's my last offer.

George: We'll take it. Look, honey, she's so happy she can barely speak.

[From inside, Ickis, Onlina and Krumm came out of the chimney.]

Ickis: Sorry, Oblina. Maybe I shouldn't have said ladies first.

Oblina: What is it, Krumm?

Krumm: A splinter. No wonder humans wore pants. Looks like nobody lives here.

Oblina: I dear say humans would be afraid of a house like this. Why they would think it was haunted by ghosts.

Ickis: That's ridiculous. Everyone knows there's no such things as ghosts.

Oblina: Quit clowning around, Ickis. It is our job to find whoever lives here.

Krumm: And scare them bad,

Oblina: Ickis, you check left Krumm check right. I shall take the upstairs, okay?

Ickis: Sure, what would that be okay.


Ickis: Hello? Anyone there?

Krumm: What is it?

Ickis: Nothing. I was [screams] warming up.

Woman: You hear that? It sound like someone screaming.

George: Honey, it's probably the realtor realizing how much she sold this house for.

Oblina: Look such a happy couple. Let's way we scare them till their eyes bug out.

Woman: What is that awful smell?

Man: It's probably just a stunk. Make that several skunks. Maybe a little more of this stuff should do the trick.


Man: So dark in here. That's better.

Krumm: Looks like we all struck out.

Ickis: Yeah, I say we forget the whole thing.

[Slime creaking the steps on Ickis]

Ickis: This place gives me the creeps.

Oblina: What if we try surprising them while they're sleeping.

Ickis: I'm not really comfortable for that.

Krumm: Sounds good to me.

Oblina: Me too. Let's be off.

[The slime is about to grab Ickis]

Ickis: Me too!


Ickis: Was that you, Krumm?

Krumm: No. Oblina?

Oblina: No.

Ickis: Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?

[They scream A strange gooey subtance grabbed Ickis,]

Oblina: Hurry up, Ickis!

Ickis: I can't! I can't! Something's got my foot!

Krumm: Are you sure?

[The slime caught Krumm]

Ickis: Are you sure?!

Krumm: Let's get out of here!

Man: Okay, so we got ghosts. but maybe we can claim them as dependents.

Ickis: Is it safe?

Oblina: AH! It looks like the coast is clear. I say we get out of here while We still have a chance!

Krumm: We can't go.

Ickis: Why not.

Krumm: We haven't scared the humans left.

Ickis: Oh Phlam!

Oblina: What, does it have Your foot again, what?

Ickis: No, Krumm has a point!

Oblina: Hurry. I don't think This shaft can hold us.

Krumm: Hurry, Ickis! We don't have much time.


Krumm: Nice place.

Ickis: That works for me.

Krumm: Mmm, most of it's Already rotten.

Ickis: That's rotten dump air alright. A guy could live here.

Krumm: Where's Oblina?

Monster: Nobody move!

Krumm: Who are you?

Monster: Don't worry about who I am. The question here Is, who are you?

Ickis: I'm Ickis and this is Oblina...

Krumm: And I'm Krumm.

Monster: Stay right where you are mister. Nobody moves Until I say so.

Oblina: Well, somebody woke up at the wrong side of the morning, didn't they?

Monster: Stow it, sister.

Oblina: Watch it.

Monster: You pine tree breath, Who sent you And what are Your orders?

Krumm: Orders? Well, I could go for Some rotting fish guts And a side of bugs.

Monster: Don't get cute on me.

Ickis: Excuse me, sir?

Monster: What is it?

Ickis: I don't think we hsould stay here because of the ghost.

Monster: Ghost what ghost?

Ickis: Didn't you hear The scary noises?

Monster: Noises? You mean like this one.

Woman: George, I don't care how cheap this house was, we're leaving tomorrow.

Oblina: It was you.

Porg: Darn right it was. Me Porg. Now enough Fun and games. I've got a mission To fulfill And I'm not gonna let you Three pus buckets distract me. Or maybe that's What you want, huh?

Ickis: Wait a minute, what mission?

Porg: What mission, what Planet do you live on? We're in the era Of disbelief.

Krumm: Never heard of it.

Ickis: Well, that's how my father Earned his reputation. It was a time when very few Humans believed in monsters. That ended A long time ago.

Porg: Nice try dust ball.

Oblina: No really it I did.

Porg: Maybe it did and Maybe it didn't. Either way, I don't Move from this post Until the gromble Gives me the word.

Oblina: The gromble is the One who sent Us here in The first place.

Porg: How do I know that? How do I know you even Know the gromble? Quick, what color Are his shoes?

Ickis: Red.

Porg: Lucky guess. What does he wear aroudn his waist?

Oblina: A belt!

Porg: What else does He wear?

Krumm: Black gloves.

Porg: Really. I bet They look great With the shoes And the belt.

Krumm: To die for.

Porg: Maybe the gromble Did send you. Boy, we must be in Real trouble now.

Ickis: How long have You been here?

Porg: 53 years.

Ickis: 53 years. It only lasted three years.

Porg: You're pulling my tail.

Oblina: No dear. I'm afraid I'm not.

Porg: No, you, you're Pulling my tail!

Krumm: Sorry, sir.

Porg: I can't believe it. I've been scaring Since 1941. Why didn't anyone Tell me it was over?

Ickis: It's okay, Porg. We'll take you back To school with us.

Krumm: But first, we have To scare those humans.

Porg: No problem.

Oblina: Oh Mr. Porg. Yoohoo. KNOCK IT OFF~

Porg: Something wrong? I'm in the middle Of scaring here.

Oblina: All right, how long exactly Were you at the academy?

Porg: Actually, it is only a week.

Krumm: A week?

Porg: This was the era Of disbelief. Every able-bodied monster Had to pitch in and scare, Whether they were Educated or not.

Oblina: Well, the thing is, The humans have To see you. Right now, they think you Are a ghost, not a monster.

Porg: That's ridiculous. Everyone knows there's No such thing as ghosts.

Krumm: Come on, we'll show you how To do it the monster way.

George: Did I complain when your Mother moved in with us?


Both: Monsters!

Porg: That was great. I haven't had that Much fun since Well, I've never Had that much fun! Thanks for Showing me how.

Ickis: Porg, there's something I been meaning to ask you about I know you made the scary noises, but how did you make the bulge?

Porg: I didn't make the walls bulge.


Gromble: I see Oblina, Krumm and Ickis are back from their assignment. But who are you?

Porg: Porg, sir. I have return today after 53 years to report I successfully scare the humans at my post.

Gromble: Oh yes. Porg. Good work, nice to have you back, but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to mark you, TARDY!

[Porg ends up accidentally squeezing the goo on the Gromble which made him furious and chases Porg around as all the students laugh. Ending the episode.]