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Things That Go Bump

Things That Go Bump is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 3rd season.

Characters present[]


Ickis is paired with a new student for a pair scare, but the new student isn't scary, or is he?


At the Monster Academy, The Gromble introduces the monsters to The Skrink, a new student who has transferred to the Monster Academy. The Skrink starts off his introduction rather slow and steps on a loose board, which causes it to hit him on the face. As the new student gets to his seat, the Gromble introduces the students to a video of The Pair Scare, in which two monsters together scare a group of humans. Krumm and Oblina are partnered together, leaving Ickis with Skrink, much to the former's annoyance.

Ickis tells Skrink that he will tell him the demands he gives him and take him to the Monster Academy Scare Training Facility to train Skrink into scaring. But Skrink clumsiness exacerbates the two monsters' prospects of a successful pair scare. Ickis finally decides to relinquish and walks away, only to run into Gromble, who Ickis tells that evrything is ging good between him and Skrink.

When Ickis returns to his dorm room, he overhears Krumm and Oblina implementing a pair scare at an old house on the hills, giving him an idea. Ickis takes Skrink with him to head to the streets to make the "perfect pair scare."

At the old house of the hill, the humans make their way inside the house and ickis and Skrink make their way through a narrow pipe of a cellar, only for Ickis to get himself stuck in the pipe. Meanwhile, the humans are sitting at the dining room table holding hands. Krumm and Oblina are seen emerging from a toilet and attempt to make their way downstairs, only for Krumm to trip on one of the floorboards and drop one of his eyeballs. Krumm retrieves his eyeball, but he and Oblina are chased away by an aggressive dog. They hide into the cellar, where they find Ickis still stuck in the pipe. Krumm runs up to the door and tries to talk to the dog through it. The humans hear Krumm's words and run to the door. They open it and make their way inside the cellar, only to hear wailing sounds. When they get a glimpse of Skrink (off-screen), they become scared and run away from the house. As Krumm and Oblina successfully pull Ickis out of the pipe, they discover that Skrink had been the one making the wailing sounds, for it is his talent.

Back at the Monster Academy the next day, Skrink demonstrates his talent to the other students by bouncing around, and the other monsters cheer for him afterwards.