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This Is Your Brain on Ickis

This Is Your Brain on Ickis is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 2nd season. It first aired on September 16, 1995.

Characters present[]


Simon the monster hunter has Ickis on the brain, literally, when the monster becomes trapped in Simon's head and controls him.


Oblina and Krumm emerge out of a toilet of a bathroom of a house while Ickis emerges out of a sink faucet instead. The house is revealed to be Simon's, who holds up his cage, which he hopes to one day fill with monsters. After he goes to sleep, Ickis then walks out in fear and attempts to leave, only to get stopped by Oblina, who demands him to get the job done. The Monsters attempt to give Simon nightmares in order to terminate his monster hunting days for good (which Krumm quotes as Ickis saying). They hop on Simon's bed while he is sleeping and Ickis sticks a finger into his ear and touches his brain.

In Simon's dream, he is worshiped by friendly animals and Oblina notices the smile on Simon's face as he continues sleeping. She tells Ickis to concentrate and he tries again. This time, in Simon's dream, the monsters are his slaves, carrying the chair he is sitting on, causing a sleeping Simon to laugh. Having enough of Ickis' inept skill at triggering nightmares, Oblina decides to do the job herself, only to get stopped by Ickis, who tries to do it one more time. He ends up getting his entire hand stuck inside Simon's ear and Krumm and Oblina end up pushing him inside Simon's head at an attempt to pull him out.

While inside Simon's head, Ickis unintentionally controls the hunter's body and goes after Krumm and Oblina, who has already escaped. As he dives headfirst into the toilet, Simon suddenly wakes up. While inside the brain, Ickis fools around with Simon's body, controlling him, and Oblina and Krumm come out of the toilet to find this out. Ickis tells them this and Simon finds out. Ickis re-connects the wire of the brain together to regain control of Simon and takes the human body outside for a ride, to his friends' disgust.

At Mimi's Mart, Ickis uses Simon's body to gobble up burritos the cashier offers him and as he attempts to leave the store, he sees a video camera and worries that he will be seen. But to his relief, the camera can only see Simon and he scares away the cashier into giving him the money, which he promptly eats. He emerges out of the store to cause more rampage in the city streets, but the wires inside the brain are again disconnected and Simon wakes up to find himself inside the dumpster trying to search for monsters. Ickis again re-connects the wires together and as morning elapses, he uses Simon to cause more rampage in the city streets, only to get captured by the police, who take him away by the truck to McMurphy Hospital. Krumm and Oblina follow along.

At the hospital, Simon tells the doctors that there is a monster inside his brain and one of the doctors search inside his ear, where Ickis tries as hard as possible to avoid getting spotted. When Ickis overhears the doctor telling Simon that they are going to take of picture of Simon's brain, which will reveal Ickis inside, he regains control of Simon's body, only for another doctor to stick a needle in Simon's body, causing Ickis to loses consciousness along with Simon's body, which is placed on a cat scan ready to take a picture of Simon's brain. Oblina scares away the doctors and Oblina goes inside Simon's nose to rescue an unconscious Ickis right before Simon's brain is being scanned. The imp regains consciousness and The Monsters leave to go home. As Simon's brain gets scanned, the two doctors finally return into the room and finds a picture of Ickis' body print inside Simon's brain. Simon, despite stating his brain is now empty, is then placed into the asylum room wearing a straitjacket and states vociferously that he still won't give up on hunting monsters.


  • The name of the episode is a reference to the "This is Your Brain on Drugs" public service announcements from the United States.