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— This is a transcribed copy of This Is Your Brain on Ickis. —
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[Episode starts at Simon's house where Oblina and Krumm come out of the toilet.]

Oblina: Where is Ickis?

[Ickis comes out of the sink and fall down.]

Oblina: Oh, quite showing off.

[The monsters peek to see Simon in his bedroom]

Oblina: Well, there he is. Simon the Monster Hunter.

Simon: My beautiful cage. Someday, I'll fill you with monsters. I'll hunt them and I'll catch them and I'll show the world the world of monsters are real. Will get them. Won't we, Teddy?

Krumm: He doesn't look that tough now, does he, Ickis? Ickis? Weren't you the one who said, "I'll give simon A nightmare so scary He'll never hunt monsters again."

Ickis: Did I say that? Silly me.

Oblina: Are you a monster, or a man? You get out there right now and just do it.


Oblina: Ickis, he's smiling. You are not concentrating.

Ickis: Alright already, sheesh!


Oblina: Stop fooling around, Ickis. Let me do it.

Ickis: No, I can handle it.

Oblina: Ickis, get out of there. He's starting to yawn.

Ickis: I'm stuck! I'm stuck!

Oblina: Hold on, Krumm!

Ickis: Help me!

[Ickis gets pulled into Simon's head.]

Oblina: Ickis! Ickis!

Krumm: I can't see him. Too much wax.

Ickis: Hello? Oblina? Krumm? Wait Krumm, Oblina, don't leave me!

Simon: Yeow we! Feels like someone's stomping around in my brain!

Ickis: I'm inside his brain! Oh, no, why, why, why? How could this happen to me? I'll never get out. I'm trapped forever [ Shouting]: in a human head!


Oblina: Poor Ickis. What is Simon doing to him?

Krumm: There's something you don't see everyday.

Ickis: Hey guys. It's me, Ickis! I have complete control over Simon.

Krumm: Wow. I don't know anyone who's ever been in a brain before. Groul.

Ickis: Watch this.

Simon: Monsters. I knew there was something going on. You're doing this to me! There's a monster in my brain.

Ickis: Sorry for the interruption. We were experiencing technical difficulties.

Oblina. Ickis, you get out of that brain this instant! You do not know where it has been.

Ickis: I can do anything I want. I am taking this human out for a ride. No problem.

Krumm: Go Ickis, you're the monster!

Oblina: I got a bad feeling about this.

Ickis: What do you got in here?

Man: Anything you want dude.

Ickis: I want garbage.

Man: Here, try these burritos. Hey, dude! That'll be 895$ . .

Ickis: A picture box. Wait a minute. It can't see me. You can only see Simon. You can't see me! You can't see me!

Man: Whoa. Take it.

Ickis: I'm a monster! A scary, scary monster!

Krumm: Look at him go, Oblina. He's a lean mean scaring machine.

Oblina: He cannot keep this up forever. We have to get him out of here.

Bob: You know, Dug. people here Have no idea What valuable things They throw away. I mean, take this can, for instance. A little paint, some used transistors A coat hanger... And voila... You got yourself a new tv!

Dug: No fooling, Bob?

Bob: No. Mo fooling.

Ickis: Fear me!


Simon: How did I get here? Wait. Monsters. What do you want from me!? Nobody goes into my brain without permission!

Ickis: No problem. Come on in, guys. Trash is fine.

Krumm: How's it going? Looks like fun.

Oblina: Ickis, you have played with that human long enough. Now it is time to go home.

Ickis: Oblina, lighten up! Cover yourself with triple scoop of maggots on me.


Ickis: I'm not listening!

Krumm: Can we go home now?


Simon: What an adorable baby.


Woman: You monster!

Ickis: Thank you.

Woman: That's him. That's the lunatic.

Male Nurse: Hello, you must be Simon.

Male Nurse 2: We've been getting a lot of calls about you.

Male Nurse: Get him get him Get his arm.

Male Nurse 2: Got em.

Male Nurse: We're going bye bye now.

Simon: Doctor. My name is Simon. I am a highly educated, well-groomed citizen. At this moment There's a monster In my brain That's all. So as you can see, I do not Belong here! Of course you don't belong here.

Female Nurse: Of course, you don't belong here.

Simon: I'm very famous monster hunter. I've been on afternoon talk shows and everything.

Female nurse: Well, we're going to take a picture of your brain and fi they're any monsters inside, we'll be sure see them.

Simon: Thank you.

Oblina: They are going to take a picture of Simon's brain. They'll see Ickis. We have got to do something.

Ickis: They'll see me. I got to do something.

Nurse: Nurse!

Male Nurse: I got it. Here it is.

Ickis: What's happening...[getting drowsy] My ears feel soo.. heavy...


Krumm: Good one.

Oblina: How do we turn this thing off?

Krumm: I think it's that red one. Or maybe not.

Oblina: Ickis! ICKIS!

Krumm: Ickis!

Oblina: ICKIS! We have no time left! I'm going in.

Krumm: Hurry, Oblina. Simon's gonna blow!


Ickis: [waking up] Oblina? Krumm? Oh no. You're in Simon's brain ,too. Wait, Simon's brain isn't this clean. I'm out. I'm out! Okay alright. I've been a bad monster. I'm sorry I got you both into this.

Oblina: I am annoyed with you, Ickis. But you were a great monster it was like watching a mastering work.

Ickis: Really. So, what do you want to do now?

Oblina and Krumm: GO HOME!

Female Nurse: So we agreed. I didn't see that and neither did you.

Male Nurse: See what?

Female Nurse: Hey, look at Simon's read out.


Simon: Get, me, out of, here. You don't understand! The monster's out of my brain now! My brain is empty now, look! Nobody home! Oh. Oh, this isn't over. Not by a long shot. I vow revenge on all monsters! Small, short, skinny, fat, I want 'em all!