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Episodes Score

Season 1:

  • The Switching Hour: OK
  • Monsters, Get Real: Good
  • Snorched if you Do, Snorched if You Don't: OK
  • Curse of the Krumm: Good
  • Krumm Goes Hollywood: Great
  • Monstrous Make Over: Superb
  • A Wing and a Scare: Great
  • Krumm's Pimple: Poor
  • Monster Hunter: Good
  • Monsters Don't Dance: Great
  • Gone Shopping: OK
  • Old Monster: Superb
  • Mother May I?: Good
  • Don't Just Do It: OK
  • Joined at the Hip: Great
  • Smile and Say Oblina: Good
  • The Great Wave: Superb
  • Cold Hard Toenails: Mediocre
  • Attack of the Blobs: Good
  • Chip off the Old Beast: Great
  • The War's Over: Good
  • Where's Have All the Monsters: Superb
  • Simon Strikes Back: Perfect
  • The Ickis Box: Great

Season 2:

Season 3:

Season 4: