The Valley View Mall is a human shopping mall that is featured in Gone Shopp'n. It later appears again in Slumber Scare.


  • Moore Sports Wear
  • Silvia's Inedibles!
  • Nature's Blunders!
  • Moore's Disaster Shop (A store offering free plague kits)
  • I Love (heart) Corkscrews
  • Crystal Clear (The home of "the lava lamp")
  • Atomic Annie
  • Plastics Heaven
  • De-odorant Unlimited
  • Moore's Glaciermart
  • "I'm O.K." Dysfunctional Outlet Store
  • Herb's Books
  • The Pointier Image
  • Western Wear
  • Coffee Cup
  • Limees (apparently a British shoppe)
  • Moore Bistro
  • Moore Co.
  • A is A
  • Moore Worth
  • Delousing, Inc. (coming soon)
  • The Pet Rat Store (possible name)
  • Big Spleened Gal Boutique
  • Slab O' Fat Health Foods
  • Books Unlimited (seen in Slumber Scare)

Stores with unclear and/or only partially seen signs

  • Duff's (unclear)
  • Unnamed Jewelry Store
  • Shop next to Limees with a rectangular sign
  • Unknown store starting with "Prop"
  • Store with Axe sign
  • G_nd
  • Mestph__
  • Co__


  • Herb's Books, as well as the six stores that carry the name "Moore," are likely references to the TV series assistant director Herb Moore.
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