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Wake Me When It's Over

Wake Me When It's Over is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 3rd season.

Characters present[]


Ickis's scares lately have all been first rate, but the only problem is that they were done in his sleep.


The human children celebrate Easter at a local park and are offered candy by the Easter bunny a human in an Easter bunny suit. The bunny pulls out Ickis from his basket and a girl starts crying. The young monster is thrown into the trash can and is tired of rabbits. As he hops out of the garbage can, he spots a chocolate Easter bunny on the ground and eats it to demonstrate his thoughts of rabbits, hurting his stomach.

Back at the Monster Academy, the Gromble orders Ickis to the viewfinder, which shows Ickis's scare in a men's locker room. There, Ickis scares a male human inside the shower, causing him to faint as the monster goes down the drain. The others are impressed and the Gromble is expecting Ickis to do better tomorrow.

The next morning, Ickis tries to convince his friends that he didn't really do anything yesterday and doesn't have a scare today. He tries to hide from the Gromble's presence, but to no avail. The Gromble orders Ickis to the viewfinder and the young monster is shown scaring all the kids riding the roller coaster.

During lunch, Ickis starts wailing his head off and tells Krumm and Oblina that he cant remember any of his scares that were shown on the viewfinder. Oblina tells him that the reason why he can't remember his scares is because he was "sleepscaring," the monster equivalent of sleepwalking. Ickis becomes smug of his successful scares, but Oblina also warns him that he could put himself into peril if he continues sleepscaring, demoralizing him.

During the nighttime, Ickis begins sleepwalking out of the dorm, waking up Oblina and Krumm as they follow him discreetly. Ickis makes his way onto the city streets and onto a driving black car. Oblina and Krumm end up on a police car, which drives to a forest. Ickis is later seen walking inside the cabin, where he scares away two criminal out of, prompting the police to arrest them. Oblina and Krumm make their way inside the cabin to find Ickis flushing himself down the toilet.

When the monsters return to their dorm, Ickis has his eyes open with the rope tied to the bed with Krumm to avert him from sleepscaring. But this doesn't work. So they chain Ickis to his bed as he sleeps. but Ickis manages to get out anyway. So he has his arms and legs tied to the ropes. But this also turns unsuccessful. So Ickis is chained against the wall as Krumm and Oblina continue sleeping, oblivious to the fact that Ickis has escaped anyway.

The young monster continues to sleepwalk to the construction site and sleepscares the construction workers as the building collapses. When Ickis is back in his bed, Oblina decides to consult the Gromble. She tells him about Ickis's sleepscaring and he, Oblina, and Krumm find Ickis sleepwalking out of the dump. They discover that Ickis is on his way to the Might Tidy Soap factory and try to stop him from getting sprayed with the soap. When Ickis becomes spayed with water, he finally wakes up to find that Oblina, Krumm, and the Gromble are put into jars, which is being moved on a conveyor belt to the soap squirter. Krumm is freed from the jar due to Ickis spitting out the chocolate bunny that hits his glass and stops the conveyor belt from moving. When Krumm finds the chocolate rabbit Ickis spat out that freed him form the glass, Oblina tells Ickis that it is human food, and when he devoured it, he began to sleepscare. The Monsters leave the factory, unknowingly leaving the Gromble inside the jar shouting Ickis's name.