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[episode starts]

Man: Come on, kids.


Man: I'm with you, kid. This has got to be the ugliest chocolate bunny I've ever seen. Hey, knock it off. You're making me look bad. All right, kid. What's your angle?

Girl: Three chocolate bunnies for me And marshmallow peeps for everybody.

Man: Too rich for my blood, kid.

Girl: My father's a lawyer.

Man: Extra peeps all around!

[Kids cheering]

Ickis: No good, dirty rabbit! I have had it up to here with rabbits! This is what I think of rabbits.


Gromble: Nothing?! Nothing to share with us?

Ickis: Um... I have a headache and my tummy hurts And my mouth is aw...

Gromble: My heart bleeds for you, Ickis. To the viewfinder, now!


Man: That's the last time I use a public shower.

Gromble: Ickis! I've never been prouder of you. Is something wrong, Ickis?

Ickis: Who was that?!

Gromble: Now is not the time for existential modesty My philosophical friend. You have finally lived up To the expectations I have always had for you. Oh! I can hardly wait to see What you have in store for us tomorrow! [Laughs gleefully]

Oblina: Ickis, will you please come out from there?

Ickis: I told you I do not have a scare! If he sees me he will call on me.

Krumm: Come on, ick You didn't think You had a scare yesterday morning And you did great.

Ickis: That wasn't me. I mean, it was me But I didn't do it... I mean-- [Whimpers] I don't know what I mean.

Gromble: Krumm... Who on earth Are you talking to?

Krumm: Um, Ickis. He's hiding.

Gromble: Ickis? Wonderful! I could hardly see you down there. To the viewfinder.


Boy: You aren't scared, are you? Too bad if you are Because there's no turning back now. Uh-huh, not a chance, nope. We're on our way. This is it. This is the last train to dropsville.


Oblina: Ickis, you are making a first-class fool of yourself.

Ickis: Well, it's not as though I'll be able to remember any of this in the morning. So what the hey?

Oblina: Ickis! You are embarrassing me.

Ickis: [Imitating Oblina]: Oh, stop being A stick in the mud-- no offense. Why, why, why?!

Krumm: Why are you embarrassing Oblina? Have you seen yourself? You dance like I smell.

Ickis: No, no, no! Not that! Why can't I remember any of my scares the next morning? Why can't I remember anything I do at night? Why, why?!

Oblina: Ickis, wait!

Ickis: What?

Oblina: That's it. Night. You cannot remember anything you do at night.

Ickis: So what's your point?

Oblina: The answer is as plain As the nose on your face.

Ickis: Nose?

Oblina: Nose offense. You cannot remember your scares Because you have been scaring in your sleep.

Ickis: So it was me that did all those scares! Wow! Pretty impressive, huh?

Oblina: Oh, mm-hmm, pretty impressive but very dangerous. You may be fearless When you are sleepwalking. But there is no telling what could happen! You could hurt yourself. You could get captured.

Krumm: Holy smokes!

Ickis: Help me. Please, someone help me.


Oblina: Krumm!

Krumm: Huh, what, what's the mag pole?

Oblina: Pull yourself together. Ickis is sleep-scaring again. We must protect him. There he is.

Krumm: Ickis...

Oblina: How many times must I tell you? You must never Never wake up a sleep-scarer. Disorientation could be disastrous.


Oblina: Hang on!


Offiver: We've got a list of demands, harry.


Thug: Hey, look!

Thug: What is it?

Thug: I think it's a baby moose.

Harry: Come out with your...


Oblina: Well! So much for taking turns standing guard.

Krumm: I think we need a new plan.


Oblina: Oh no, Ickis!

Krumm: I think we need a new plan.


Krumm: I think we need a new plan.


Krumm: I think we need a new plan.


Krumm: I think we need a new plan.

Oblina: I think we are in over our heads. You stay and watch Ickis. I am going to consult the Gromble.

Gromble: [Startled]: What? Wake up, Mr. Sluggy-buggy. Do you know what time it is?!

Oblina: Um, um, I, yes, I must talk to you regarding Ickis.

Gromble: How is my prized student?

Oblina: In serious trouble. He has been sleep-scaring.

Gromble: Sleep-scaring?

Oblina: Krumm is watching him while I seek your counsel.

Gromble: So all those magnificent scares were done in his sleep?

OBlina: Oh, that they were.

Gromble: Oh, I was so proud. You left Ickis with Krumm?!

Oblina: Krumm!


Oblina: Soap!

Krumm: Soap!

Gromble: Soap!


Krumm: Good work setting me free

Ickis: With that chocolate rabbit. Krumm, that's not a chocolate rabbit. It's just some garbage.

Oblina: Give me that! This is human food.

Ickis: Human food? [Coughing, gagging]

Oblina: Ickis, did you eat this skanky stuff?

Ickis: Yes, I ate this skanky stuff.

Oblina: Well, no wonder you have been sleep-scaring!

Ickis: Well, no wonder I've been sleep-scaring!

Oblina: And now you should be fine.

Ickis: And now I should be fi... Is there an echo in here?

Krumm: I don't know about anyone else But I could use a good night's sleep.

Oblina: Are we forgetting something?

Ickis: Ah, well, I'm b*at. Whatever it is, can wait till morning.

Gromble: ICKIS!