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Walk Like a Man

Walk Like a Man is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season four.

Characters present[]


Ickis becomes stuck in a toilet and his only hope of getting back to the dump is to disguise himself as a human.


At the Sinks 'N' Stuff building, a human TV reporter named Exposia Vertov informs that a rockstar named Rock Star Suede is shopping at the store. Inside the store, the human owner berates Todd, his employee, for his indolence and tells him to clean the inside until it is immaculate. The store owner notices a strand of hair blowing through an air conditioner vent and attempts to pull it out, only to discover that he has pulled on one of Krumm's armpit hairs, and Krumm, Ickis, and Oblina scare away the owner. Ickis and Krumm decide to explore through the store. Oblina follows them and the Monsters come across a brand new pink potty. Ickis is mesmerized and hops onto it. Little do the monsters know, Rock Star Suede has entered the front of the store, and dozens of fans are chasing after him. So Krumm and Oblina make their way inside the vent. But Ickis stays on the toilet and says that he will travel back through the sewers. But when he dives into the toilet, he ends up slamming inside as the lid shuts close. Rock Star Suede comes around, with the reporter and fans, and picks the pink potty named the Megabowl 2000, which the carpenters put in a nailed, wooden box.

The potty is taken to Suede's house, and as the carpenters attempt to open the box, Suede tells them that the last toilet he purchased had a monster inside. The carpenters scoff at Suede's warning, that is until Ickis scares them away, as well as Suede himself. Oblina and Krumm come around and tells Ickis to come home with them. But since Ickis has loomed too much, he is now stuck to the toilet and can't get out. Oblina and Krumm try to help him out, but end up failing. So Oblina contrives the idea to dress Ickis up in Suede's clothing and Ickis walks through the streets in the clothing, along with Krumm and Oblina. Ickis calls a taxi (which he misconstrues as "Trixie") and rides the taxi cab. But he ends up pushing his luck when he tells the taxi cab driver, "To the dump, Trixie," prompting the driver to kick him out of the cab. When Ickis is about to relinquish in despair, Oblina tells him that despite his contumacious actions, she and Krumm are still his friends and have faith in him, prompting Ickis to regain the courage to walk back to the dump. He ends up  causing a massive car pileup as they crash into each other when he tries to cross the street. But he isn't discouraged, for he sees it as a minor flaw. He comes across a human police officer, who gives him a ticket for jaywalking. Ickis is relieved, but ends up pushing his luck again when he devours the ticket. He begins running away from the police officer and Exposia Vertov, who is interviewing the other drivers involved in the pileup, sees this and think that Ickis in disguise is Suede. She follows along with the other humans and soon, a horde of screaming teenaged boppers chase after the monster jammed in the potty. While Ickis runs with his two friend holding on, Oblina takes apart a piece of the potty and Ickis ends up rolling down the hill of River Street. He ends up rolling off the car and into a banner, which he is launched out of and into the city dump. Ickis then flies inside the dryer and into the academy, where he bounces off walls and into the toxic waste storage after he finally gets extricated out of the toilet. Ickis is satisfied of the adventure he had with his friends, that is until the Gromble, who had the potty fall on his head, comes around and sends the Monsters to the Snorch as he confiscates the potty.

Meanwhile, the police officer is being interviewed by Exposia of the flying potty and Exposia reports that no one will never know the whereabouts of the potty. The Megabowl 2000 is shown inside the Gromble's room, where the headmaster is using it as a racecar as he imagines himself racing.