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[Episode starts]

Exposia: This is Exposia Xertov With a special, live report. I'm at the sinks n' stuff store Where rock superstar Suede Is expected soon to do some shopping. We don't know what suede is purchasing and calls to store manager Bob Hurley Have gone unanswered. Live!

Man: This is the biggest moment In the history of this store. So I don't want this place clean. I want it spotless. You understand that, todd?

Todd: Huh?

Man: Oh, never mind. Just watch the door. I'm going to fire that kid. No-good, lazy good-for... Will you look at the size of that hair? Do I have to do everything?

[Monsters scare the man.]


Ickis: Krumm, that was great.

Krumm: Good old smitty never lets me down.

Ickis: Hey, let's explore a little, huh?

Oblina: Ickis, we have to get back to the class.

Ickis: Come on, Oblina. Live a little.

Oblina: I would not live a little. Besides, exploring was not in the deal we...

Ickis: I'm in heaven. Hello there, hideous. Where have you been all my life?

Oblina: Ickis, it's only a toilet.

Ickis: This, my friend, is a charity, destined to go great places. Can you imagine lodging a spin in the sewer for this hot rod?

[Ickis is making the race car sounds with the toilet.]

Oblina: Ickis! Stop that.

Ickis: Ugh, buzz off, sister! I'm bonding here. Don't mind her. We won't be disturbed again.

Exposia: Rock superstar suede Is now arriving at sinks n' stuff. Live!

Suede: Lock that door, Mac.

Exposia: Excuse me! Let me though.

Krumm: Ickis, we better go now.

Ickis: Okay, okay. Just one more vroom.

Oblina: No more vroom! C'mon!

Ickis: Alright, alright! You take the vent. I'll take the sewer.

Krumm: The sewer? But it's not a...

Ickis: See ya later! Bombs away!

[He dives into the toilet only to get hit inside of it.]

Exposia: Suede is now in the process Of selecting a toilet. Live!

Suede: I'll take that one.

Exposia: He's picked out the megabowl 2000 . And you saw it all here. Live!

Oblina: One of these days, Krummie. We are not going to rescue that monster!

Suede: Careful. The last one Had a monster in it.

Man: A what?

Suede: A big, old, fangy-toothed monster. So watch it.

Man: Okay, boss, you got it.


Ickis: Well, thanks for dropping by.

Krumm: Don't mention it.

Oblina: See that we are late for class. Mind I suggest we go home now?

Ickis: Alright, alright. Don't get your stripes in the bunch! We will go home just as soon I climb out of this thing. I'm stuck.

Oblina: What do you mean you're stuck?

Ickis: I loomed too much and got wedged in this thing and no matter how hard I tried... I can't unloom and get out!

Krumm: He means he's stuck.

Ickis: Don't just stand there. Do something! Help me get out.

Oblina: We would be delighted.


Krumm: Ickis? Did you come unstuck?

Ickis: No thanks, I'm on the diet.

Oblina: Well, do not worry. We will help you one way or another.

Ickis: No, no, no, no! No more helping! I cannot take anymore of help!

Oblina: Ickis, I know it looks bad but that has got to be a solution.

Ickis: Really like what? I got a 2-ton toilet around my waist! What do you except me to do, just walks up at the door and looking like this? Bad fashion joy!

Oblina: No, not exactly.

[At the sidewalk, Ickis is dressed as a human with Oblina and Krumm inside the clothes.]

Ickis: This is never going to work! Never, never, never!

Oblina: Sshhh... Quiet. This is our only chance.

Ickis: I am a monster! Not a human!

Krumm: Better start acting human. Someone's coming.

Ickis: Hey there. Fellow human.

[A human coughs.]

Oblina: Fellow human? Is that the best you could do?

Ickis: Well, excuse me, Miss Experts of "How Human Speak".

Krumm: Somebody's coming again. Look, fighting won't get us anywhere.

Oblina: Krumm is right. We should stick together and find a way to get home.

Ickis: There is no way, do you hear me? We can't just call a garbage truck to take us home! There is no way!

Woman: Taxi!

Ickis: Alright, so there is a way.

Oblina: Now, Ickis, what you have to say here is...

Ickis: OBLINA! I am not stupid, all right?! I was listening, I know what to say... TRIXIE! See I told you.

Cab: Where to, pal?

Ickis: To the dump, Trixie! [giggles]

[A cab growls, Ickis get shivered and drop him off to the garbage.]

Ickis: We'll never see the dump again.

Oblina: Now now, Ickis. Cheer up. Krum and I may be angry with you and you may have endangered us to look at the stunt, which is nothing compare what the Gromble will do us if we get home.

Ickis: Is this the cheering up part yet?

Oblina: But we are still your friends, dear, and we have faith with you to take responsibility for you action and find the courage to get us home.

Ickis: You're right. I can do it! I will get us home if I have to walk on the way back because I am a monster and a monster can do anything! Hop on my bowl, you two! Because you know what? This monster is walking home!

[Ickis cross the roads but all the cars are crashing.]

Ickis: Okay, no problem, I will still get us home. This is only a minor setback.

Officer: And just what do you think you're doing?

Ickis: Us? Uh, me? I'm just walking home to the du... Detroit, Detroit.

Officer: Well, we run things a little different around here, buddy. Do you know what the penalty for jaywalking is in this city?

Ickis: Um, snorching?

Officer: What was that?

Ickis: I mean... [Oblina whispers] I don't know but... If I did anything wrong. I am very sorry...

Oblina: Good job, Ickis.

Ickis: Good job, Ickis.

Oblina: Don't say that, Ickis!

Ickis: Don't say that, Ickis!

Oblina: No, no, no, no, no!

Ickis: No, no, no, no, no!

Officer: I guess I'll just give you a ticket this time, but watch it.

Ickis: Oh, thank you.

[He eats the ticket.]

Officer: Hey! What's the big idea?!

Ickis: I think I should run, don't you?

Krumm: I think you're right.

Officer: Hey! Come back here!

Man: This big fellow Just stepped right in front of my car...

Police Officer: Am pursuing fugitive jaywalker Heading east on fillmore.

Exposia: That was Suede. Let's go! Rock star suede Is now being chased By a police officer-- live!

Ickis: I gotta make it! I gotta make it! I'm not gotta make it.

Krumm: I have an idea, a quick turn here.

Ickis: Turning.

Officer: I can't believe, he's gone.

Exposia: Hey! Hey, Isn't that Suede's toilet? After that toilet!

Officer: All units!

Ickis: Got any more great ideas? I cannot take this running much longer!

Oblina: I know. If we shift some weight, you can go faster.


Officer: The toilet is now rolling west On river street. Strike that. Fugitive toilet Is now flying west over River Street.

Ickis: Hey, I think we stop.

Kriggle: Hey, Ickis. Where are you doing? That was Ickis.


Ickis: What, what?

Oblina: Ickis, if you ever...

Ickis: Alright, okay, so I messed up a little bit. Hey, we have adventure, we got home safely. Isn't that what really matter?

Gromble: No, Ickis. What really matters is that you dropped a massive, TOILET ON MY HEAD!

Ickis: [laughs nervously] Can I keep it?

Gromble: No, you can't keep it! While you three are being snorched, I shall dispose of this offensive, inappropriate piece of con reband personally.


Officer: And then the whole megilla Just took off in the sky Like a big flying toilet That's what it did.

Exposia: So there you have it. Live! The mystery of the rock star's Flying toilet. What thing possessed The phantom plumbing fixture We can only guess. Where that toilet is now We may never know.

[A sound revealed to be the Gromble is making the race car on the toilet.]

Gromble: Go, Gromble racer, go!