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[The episode starts at the casino castle where people are playing.]

Woman: Come on, baby. Granny needs a new pair of slippers!

[At the slot machine, Oblina scares the woman and the people are playing blackjack.]

Man: And the wheel stops on red 26 and black 17? What the?

[Krumm laughs, the people scream and run. Krumm eating chips.]

Krumm: Hey, Oblina. Want a chip?

Oblina: No, I do not want a chip. We have to get back to the class and... Where is Ickis?

Krumm: I thought he was with you.

Oblina: Doh! Do I have to do anything? C'mon. We must get him. I know I shouldn't keep an eye on that monster.

Magician: The world of hypnotism is a word of mystery.

Ickis: I'll show him something to be afraid of.

[Ickis chuckles and see the people, he shrieks.]

Ickis: There's a whole mess of humans!

Magician: All I need is one brave soul to volunteer to be my subject.

Western man: Eustace p. Tugwell at your service, son. I'll be your subject Just as long as it ain't geometry. That's a joke, boy, get it? Geometry, subject-- That's a funny!

Ickis: I can do it, I can do it, here I go. In ten, nine, eight...

Western man: Well, don't you look at me like half-baked cow. Commence to hypnotizing, if you can, that is? I say that...

[Western man is hypnotized, the people gasps]

Ickis: Three, two, one and a half...

[Ickis is hypnotized.]

Magician: Now, my wedding subject, do you hear me?

Western Man: Yes, I hear ya.

Ickis: Yes, I hear ya.

Magician: Listen to me, you are a chicken.

[Western and Ickis are chickens.]

Magician: You are now an elephant.

[Eustace and Ickis are elephants, people laughing.]

Magician: You are a bear.

Oblina: Where is that monster?

Krumm: Relax, Oblina, he'll show up.

Oblina: When? I am getting tired of all his monkeying around.

[The western man and Ickis are acting like monkey]

Magician: And now for my greatest transformation You are a human!


Western man: Well, I just can't be hypnotized--No way, no how, son.

Ickis: No way, no how, son.

Western Man: You see, you can't touch me. I'm...

Magician: You are a monster. Ooh, look out, folks. Here comes the big, scary monster.

[Ickis scare the whole people and the magician while the western man roaring.]

Krumm: I think we found him.

Ickis: Yes, yes! I did it, I did it!

Oblina: There you are! We are late for class, and we are going home!

Ickis: Late for class? Is that all you have to say after the greatest scare of the year, late for class?!

Oblina: I didn't see a scare, don't you, Krumm?

Krumm: Well, no, but, they're all running away. So, it couldn't been good one.

Ickis: A good one? A good one? [scene shifts to the dorm] It was great! What is wrong with you?

Oblina: Well, how can we possibly judge a scare we do not see?

Ickis: You're jealous, that's all.

Oblina: Oh really, Ickis. You act as if no one else in the whole world has scared a human.

[Ickis turns into a western man.]

Ickis: Well, hoo, wee! Look what we over got here! A walk in our pit in a stick!

Oblina: Ickis! Stop that.

Ickis: A talking stick? Try to figure that one out! Ha-ha! Oh, that's a joke, son. Get it? Stick? Figure? That's a funny!

[Ickis hit Krumm on the back.]

Krumm: Ow. Hey, Ickis, cut it out.

Oblina: Yes, immediately. You know you are becoming a very annoying monster.

[Ickis turn into his original self.]

Ickis: Huh?

Krumm: That wasn't funny, you know.

Ickis: What wasn't?

Oblina: Oh, please. I'm going to class and Ickis, you should be ashamed of yourself. Hmph!

Ickis: What did I do? What did I do?

[The trio went to school]

Oblina: A talking stick, really!

Ickis: I never said that.

Krumm: And my back hurts.

Ickis: I don't know what you are talking about. Why won't anyone believe me?

Gromble: I believe you, Ickis. I BELIEVE YOU ARE DISRUPTING MY CLASS!

[Ickis gulp]

Gromble: And I also believe you'll be tossed out of the class unless you show me an excellent scare, now!

Ickis: I will be... I will be so be very glad to, You Grombbossity.

Gromble: And I pray, for your sake, that this time, you managed to scare more than just one, pitiful human!

[Ickis turns into a western man.]

Ickis: Hoo, doggie! You got yourself a powerful bad breath, son. Whatcha you swallow, a sack full of polecats?

Gromble: Ickis, come back to this chair!

Ickis: Sure thing, hoss! Like I always say! Chair and chair like!

[Western Ickis laughing, hit Gromble.]

Ickis: That's a joke, son. Get it?

Gromble: Master Ickis, you are trying my patience severely and this is one thing you do not want to do. Is that perfectly clear?

Ickis: Say, is that your nose, son, or did the pickle factory just exploded?

[Ickis laughs, the Gromble's eyes turn red.]

Oblina: Doctor, there is something very, very wrong with Ickis!

Monster Doctor: Yes, I know. But there's so much medical science can do.

Oblina: No, no, no! I mean, really wrong. He's been acting just so strange lately! Not at all like a normal monster.

[Ickis turns into his original self.]

Ickis: Hi, doc. Good to see you.

Monster Doctor: Oh, yeah. He's in really bad shape.

[Oblina groans.]

Monster Doctor: Now please stop wasting my time.

[Oblina sighs.]

Ickis: And what was all that about?

Oblina: Doh! That doctor is so stubborn. Sometimes I think he's odd human.

[Ickis turns into a western man.]

Ickis: Well, bust my buttons and call me Irry! I love that Dr. Phillip!

Oblina: Krumm, grab him!

Ickis: Well, howdy there, ma'am! A tip of that hat to you!

[Woman screams]

Ickis: Hey there, partner!

[Man screams]

Ickis: Oh, hello, Joe, what do you know? Just got back from Kokomo, huh?

[The man and woman screams, Ickis goes to the barber shop]

Ickis: Well, howdy, fellas! What about the trim by the topica boys and overgrown?

[Men screaming.]

Ickis: Where are you going, boys? Come on back here!

Oblina: Ickis, this is the last straw! Are you trying to get us all captured?!

Ickis: Who in Sam Hill is this Icky fella you keep yapping about?

[Oblina gasps.]

Oblina: He does not know his own name.

Krumm: This is really bad.

Oblina: This is awful! Getting the Gromble angry is bad enough for Ickis and walking down the street in broad day like could risking exposing us all.

[Ickis spits stuff.]

Ickis: You two bushwhackers are gonna hear it from my lawyer, I'll...

[Krumm put stuff in Ickis' mouth.]

Oblina: Oh, this is so terrible, Krumm. Something has changed our Ickie.

Krumm: Yeah. He hasn't been the same since we came back from that... that castle place.

[Krumm scratch his head, Oblina gasps.]

Oblina: That's it! Krumm, I have to go back there to look for clues. You keep Ickis here if it's a safest place for him. Keep him out of the harm's way until I return.

Krumm: I wish I knew what happened to you, buddy. Insulting the Gromble, walking down the street like that? You used to be such a chicken.

[Ickis turns into a chicken. Meanwhile at the castle, Oblina scare the jester.]

Magician: The word of hypnotism is a word of mystery.

Eustace's Wife: You just hold on there, Hypno-Boy! Ever since you wave that watch on him, he's been acting like a monster!

Oblina: A-ha!

[Oblina goes to Eustace's hat.]

Eustace's Wife: You ain't doing nothing, you change my Eustace back to normal!

Magician: Uh, okay, mmm, I-I can do that.

[Eustace mumbling]

Magician: Eustace, watch the watch. Listen to me closely, your name is Eustace, you are a man, you are not a monster.

Oblina: No, but I am!

[Oblina scare the magician and the whole people. Eustace is roaring and scare the people. Oblina scare the jester again and goes to the toilet.]

Oblina: Krumm. I figured it out. Ickis is not sick, he has been...

[Ickis is acting like an animal. Krumm is enjoying this.]

Krumm: Cow!

[Ickis turn into a cow, he moos.]

Krumm: Parrot!

[Ickis turn into a parrot, he squawks.]

Krumm: Hyena!

[Ickis turn into a hyena, he laughs.]

Krumm: Duck!

[Ickis turn into a duck, he quacks.]

Krumm: Piggie!

[Ickis turn into a pig, he oinks.]

Krumm: Armadillo!

[Ickis turn into an armadillo.]

Oblina: Are you finished? I have got the thingie that started all of this. We can change Icky back to normal now.

Krumm: Okay, okay. But just look at this one. Fiddlier crab!

[Ickis turn into a fiddlier crab.]

Oblina: I said stop, Krumm! We are going to change Ickis back to normal.

Krumm: Can I just have another half hour?

Oblina: No! Ickis, look at the thingie. Now, listen to me closely, you are not a crab, you are not a loud-mouthed human, you are a monster. You are a sweet, innocent, panicky, little, you, Ickis.

[Oblina snap her finger, Ickis is finally back to his normal self.]

Ickis: Hi, Oblina. Is anything wrong?

Oblina: Not anymore! Oh, Ickie! You are Ickis!

Ickis: Uh-huh. Oblina, are you okay?

Oblina: Oh, everything is fine, fine, fine!

Krumm: Fine, fine, fine! Everything's horrible! I'm late for class and I still got 3 more scares!

[Krumm shrieks]

Krumm: What am I gonna do?

Ickis: What's with him?

Oblina: You will not believe me if I try to tell you. C'mon.

[Oblina and Ickis are chasing the hypnotized Krumm in the garbage.]

Krumm: Oh no! I'm gonna be snorched for sure! I don't know what is happening to me!

[The episode fades out, ending it.]