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Where Have All the Monsters Gone?

Where Have All the Monsters Gone? is the twelfth episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from Season 1 and the second full-length episode overall.

Characters Present[]


The Gromble's students think he's all wet when he tells them about their legacy--The Pool of Elders. But they realize it's descending, when they stop being scary, and the monsters start disappearing.


An ambulance is seen riding to a local hospital, where a prolific number of bawling infants are inside of and the doctors are overwhelmed by the number of infants. A doctor is seen going into the balloon angioplasty room, where the three monsters are inside the bathroom of prepared to scare him. Unfortunately, the doctor notices Krumm's stench and sprays the bathroom. The Monsters are caught into the spray as well and this is shown on video back at the Monster Academy. The monsters laugh at this, only for The Gromble to cut their laughter short. He states that it wasn't just a failure for Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina, but for the other monsters as well due to The Pool suffering. The Gromble tells his students that the sooner they realize they're in the crisis together, the better. The Gromble also demands the monsters to show up at a night alumni party and not to disappoint him.

During the party, the other monsters talk about their failed scarings and when The Gromble overhears this, he tells them that they are here to scare. He also explains that babies are being born, thus increasing the human population, meaning that humans won't be scared unless the monsters improve at their scaring right before sending them out.

The Gromble is later seen at The Pool of Elders (filled with bubbling lava) upset of the monsters' apathy towards the increased human population and asks the lava what he should do. He goes to his students to tell them (in deference to the pool). At the Monster Academy, the Gromble tells his students that he's been to the Pool and it's worse than he thought. Which can only mean one thing: the monsters aren't scaring enough! Friggit comments that they scare plenty. The Gromble agrees with Friggit, but says there are more humans coming into their section everyday and they need to keep them terrified, stating that the balance of scare is out of line. Kriggle asks how does the current crisis affects them. The Gromble asks his students why monsters scare, Ickis answers with "so they don't flunk out, disgrace their families and spend the rest of their lives harvesting lint". The Gromble tells his students that scaring is not only the monsters' legacy, but also vital for survival and now is one of these times. If the pool goes down any further, monsters will start to disappear. The Gromble grimly adds that the young monsters will be the first to vanish! A scared Ickis asks if the Gromble can talk to the Pool, just so it can stop the young monsters from disappearing. The Gromble tells Ickis that the pool doesn't work that way. Snav asks if he can see the Pool for himself, a shocked Gromble comments he's not ready to see the Pool; none of the students are. The Gromble states that it's much too powerful, it could very well swallow them up. The Gromble ends his talk saying that the monsters maybe in for trouble and if they are, he's depending on his students to scare brilliantly. A statement that Ickis dreads.

The Gromble goes back to the pool, only to be compelled to talk to Ickis. At the Gorblat Alley, Ickis becomes curious about the Pool, but the other monsters tell him that the Pool probably doesn't even exist and thinks that the Gromble uses it to motivate the students to scare more. Ickis tells them how concerned he is about disappearing, but Oblina says that it will never happen since a monster has not been seen disappearing. The other monsters laugh at and mock Gromble, who overhears this through the doors and shows up in front of them, causing them to cut their laughter short. He tells them that he will no longer assign any more scares or teach class anymore.

The other monsters party, except for Ickis, who is little more than apprehensive of the fact of disappearing. Jigger mocks Ickis, telling him that he can take a dip in the pool (referring to the Pool the Gromble mentioned) and everybody laughs. But their laughter is quickly cut short when they discover that Jigger has vanished. Ickis tries to convince the monsters that Jigger has disappeared like the Gromble said would happen. But they don't believe him and soon, Ickis' right hand disappears. The monsters then slowly begin to vanish and finally agree with Ickis that Gromble was right all along.

The attrition of the monsters continues and Krumm's eyes disappear. So Ickis tells his friends that they have to see The Gromble. But Oblina suggests that they should go scaring instead. Ickis' entire body then disappears, leaving him with just his head. Oblina goes scaring on her own while Ickis and Krumm search for Gromble.

Oblina arrives at the human's house via toilet and attempts to scare them at a party, only for her arms to disappear. Snav has the right side of his body disappearing and as the monsters attempt to scare the humans, parts of their body disappear as well, which turns their prospects of scaring other humans into failure. The Gromble is later seen standing by his pool, which is slowly going down.

The half-disappeared monsters are seen at the Monster Academy, discussing their scares. Oblina tells the students that their recent attempts at scaring were not their best and realize that they're worse off than they thought. Snav suggests to find the Gromble, Ickis agrees, stating that without him, the young monsters are doomed. Oblina reminds Ickis that they have no idea where the Gromble is. Ickis devises a plan to find easy scares for the monster as he and his friends go to the file room to search for humans easy to scare, only to find that the easy-to-scare files are located all the way up top. Since Krumm is the only one with arms, he is the only one that can climb it. He accidentally kicks Ickis' head down the stairway and Krumm and Oblina chase after Ickis' tumbling head. When they make it downstairs, they find The Pool of Elders and The Gromble as well. They ask for The Gromble's assistance, but The Gromble tells them that there isn't anything he can do and walks away. Krumm and Oblina follow him, leaving Ickis' head near the Pool. Just then, the Pool (claiming to be the soul of Ickis' ancestors) calls for Ickis and tells him that he is the only one who could save the rest of the monsters right before almost drying out. Ickis tells his friends, who have returned to him, that as long as he still has his head, he and his friends could still save the other monsters. Ickis tells his friends to gather the students and alumni together. Ickis tells his friends that he has a plan, and this time it's a good one. Ickis tells his friends they're going to beat the crisis together, without the Gromble. As the three friends leave, The Gromble watches proudly.

The monsters go around the city scaring everyone, which cause the Pool to slowly revert in existence and the monsters to come back to life. Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina finish it off with a massive scare at the stadium, getting back their body parts in the process as well, and their scare is shown on the video back at the Monster Academy. The Gromble congratulates the monsters for their work of improving their scaring. He also congratulates Ickis for his plan to get the monsters back in existence right before telling him that he is going to push him twice as hard as he did before. The other monsters then cheer for Ickis in the process.


  • Where Have All the Monsters Gone? features the largest voice cast of any Aaahh!!! Real Monsters episode with eighteen credited voice actors and twenty-six credited roles.
  • The title of the episode may be a take on the name of the song "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?"