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[It all started at the Hospital.]



[Meanwhile, the monsters appear from the bathroom.]

[Now we cut back to the auditorium,]

Ickis: See you in class tomorrow, sir.

Gromble: I THOUGHT I MADE MYSELF CLEAR! I will assign no more scares, and I'll teach no more classes.

Ickis: What are we gonna do now?


[Back at the party.]

Ickis: No thanks, it gives me gas.

Krumm: What's a matter, pal?

Ickis: Nothing!

Oblina: You cannot fool me. Look, all the other monsters are having more fun than you. What is wrong with taking little breakie? Think of it as a vacation.

Krumm: I like vacation.

Ickis: Call me sensitive, but have any of you spook what the Gromble said?!

Merf: Are you kidding?

Izzith: Why should we?

Snav: Yeah, right.

Krumm: I can get used to this.

Ickis: Why don't they all just leave already? They're eating all of our garabges and drunk on motor oil.

Oblina: Oh, what are you grumbling about?

Ickis: I am not grumbling, I just need my sleep.

Oblina: Well, that's odd. He was just here.

Ickis: Or he's not in there!

Kriggle: In our room, either!

Ickis: Don't you see? He's disappeared, vanished just like the Gromble said!

Izzith: You're crazy!

Snav: No way.

Merf: That's ridiculous!

Ickis: First's Jigger and who knows what?

[The other monsters are shocked to see that Ickis' hand has disappeared.]

Krumm: I think it's your hand.

Ickis: Krumm, there's no time to joke!

Oblina: No, he's right. Look.

[One by one, the monster's body parts started to disappear.]

Krumm: Don't panic.

[Krumm's eyes have disappeared, he screams]

Krumm: My eyes! My eyes!

Oblina: Krumm, stop doing that! I cannot think!

Ickis: What is it to think about? We are about to be blink out of the system!

Krumm: Don't say blink.

Ickis: We have got to find the Gromble.

Oblina: Why don't we just go scaring like the Gromble said?

Krumm: How are we supposed scare? I can't see a thing.

Ickis: You two go on without me.

Oblina: If it's your choice. Come, Krumm.

Krumm: I'm with Ickis on this one. I'm kinda helpless.

Ickis: Krumm, your pit hair!

Krumm: What about it?

Ickis: Let's put on this way. You're not having a good hair day.

Oblina: Very well. Look for the Gromble if you wish. I'm going to scare. Who is coming with me?

Monster without body: I don't know.

Spiky Monster: How can we?

Yellow monster: Look at us!

Hairyette: We are disappearing!

Gromble: So, you're here?

Oblina: Not entirely, sir. We are disappearing.

Ickis: You gotta help us.

Krumm: We're the ones you can help.

Oblina: Do something.

Gromble: I'm afraid there's nothing I can do.

Ickis: What do you mean there's nothing you can do?!

Krumm: How can you sit there and do nothing?

Oblina: I said we are disappearing! Can you hear me?!

Ickis: You gotta save us or we're becoming invisible!

[The episode ends.]