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— This is a transcribed copy of Who'll Stop the Brain?. —
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[Episode starts.]

Oblina: Can you not see that I'm studying?!

Ickis: Oblina, you've been studying so hard Your brain's going to fry.

Oblina: That is ridiculous.

Krumm: Come on, Oblina. let's go Above ground and do some quick scares.

Ickis: All work and no play makes oblina a dull monster.

Oblina: Spout cliches if you must, icky, but come exam time We will see who gets the "a" and who gets the "e".

Ickis: What's the E?

Oblina: Expelled!

Krumm: I thought that was an X.

Oblina: Out! Get out!

[Oblina went to sleep, but the sparks starts doing it again. The smoke appears as she sneezed hardly and her brain became loose. Oblina became pale and brainless.]

Krumm: I think Oblina's closed for the night.

Ickis: Krumm, do you smell something funny?

Krume: Nope. Just me.


Krumm: Ickis?

Ickis: I think she really has fried her brain.

Krumm: Do you think the Gromble will notice?

Ickis: I don't think so.


Gromble: Grotesque morning, class. As you know, tomorrow is your final exam. But that doesn't mean I've forgotten about today's assignments. So, who has a scare for the viewfinder? One that's gut-churning, horrific And let's not forget-- vile. Ah, oblina, my prize student! I'm giddy with anticipation for your scare.

Oblina: Duaaaa... what scare?

Ickis: Excuse me your gromblisity. Oblina's just not being herself today.

Gromble: Oh really? Are you using dear, dear oblina To cover up one of your own botched scares?!

Ickis: [giggles] A very good assumption! But you see...

Gromble: How dare you impugn the grace and dignity of....

[Gromble sets her back up. Oblina moans in a woozy dumb way. She groans and sputters. Gromble looks inside her.]

Gromble: Hello? Anybody home? It's horrible. Horrible! I didn't think such a thing could happen. Oblina's brain is missing!

[All gasp. Later outside.]

Krumm: Oblina's brain could be anywhere in this city. That is, if it's still... Alive.

[The group look every for the brain.]

Krumm: Hey. I think I found Oblina's brain! It's got a few black spots. I guess that's where she studied too hard.

Ickis: Krumm, that is a vegetable!

Krumm: Hey, that's no wayto talk about oblina's brain.

[Oblina was hitting on the wall again.]

Krumm: Ickis! Oblina's brain is eating that kid's face!

Ickis: DON'T EAT HIM! DON'T EAT HIM! False alarm. Krumm, Where would you go it you were an overworked brain?

Krumm: You're asking the wrong guy.


Woman: Do you have any educational toys?

Timmy: I want a monster massacre game!

Woman: I'm sorry, timmy But overprotective parents magazine says That game is too scary.

Saler: How about this replica of a brain? It's so realistic, you'd swear It just popped out of somebody's skull.


Ickis: Where are we going to find a brain? This is a big city! It could be anywhere.

Woman: Runaway Brain!

Krumm: What are odds of that happening?

Seller: Brain. Brain problems. Brain problems. "Call dr. Sy napse, the brain king."


Ickis: Yes! Oh no! [squeals]

Krumm: See Ickis? It wasn't Oblina's brain. It belonged to someone named "see-through."

Ickis: Look!


Napse: Hello? Hello? Is this the place with a brain problem?


Krumm: Ickis?

Ickis: Come on Krumm. Once we get oblina out of this We can get the brain.

Krumm: I think it's too late.

Napse: Ah! It's perfect! Look at that stem! Those gently rippling convolutions! Just what I've been looking for!

Krumm: Uh oh.

Saler: I am not cleaning this up.


Oblina: Icky, Krummy. Wait a minute. What am I doing there If I'm in here?

Ickis: Well,actually, [ Chuckles] We're not sure ourselves.

Oblina: Oh my gosh. What a cruel trick monster fate has played on me! Trapped forever in a... In a... Whatever this thing is. It is so ugly and so hideous! Ooh! Actually, it is rather repulsive. Ooh, and think of all the delicious buggies That will grow in my fur. Oh, wait. What am I saying? Get me out of here!

Ickis: Its not as....

Oblina: Get me out of here

Ickis: if you would put me down...

Krumm: Oblina, how did your brain escaped?

Oblina: Well, I remember smelling smoke and... I sneezed, and the next thing I knew I was here.

Krumm: Well, if you sneezed it out once You can sneeze it out again. Stand back!


Both: Yes!


Napse: Priscilla! What happened to you? When I find out who's responsible Brains will roll!

[The two monsters grab Oblina and force the brain into her.]

Ickis: Get in there!

[With a single pop Oblina was back to normal.]

Oblina: I am back! Hello.


Oblina: Thank you. Thank you so much For getting my brain back into my body! They are a matched set, you know.

Ickis: Next time, try to have a little fun.

Krumm: :Life isn't all study, study, study. Look at me.

Oblina: Study? Oh no, the test!

Krumm: Well, how'd you do?

Ickis: I do not wish to talk about it.

Oblina: I, on the other hand,did splendidly! Perhaps, ickis You should try studying a little harder, dear. You know, studying Is an important part of being a great monster. For instance, i...

Ickis: Is it too late To take her brain out... Again?

Krumm: I don't think so. Let's grab her!