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You Only Scare Twice

You Only Scare Twice is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 3rd season.

Characters present[]


An important scare has the monsters after a secret agent who in turn is out to stop a mad scientist bent on world domination.


Through the viewfinder at the Monster Academy, Borl scares a skydiver, prompting him to deflate his parachute and slam into the dirt ground in the forest. The Gromble congratulates Borl for his scare and tells the other monsters that he is picking a monster for an advanced scare. He eventually chooses Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm to perform the task and threatens to have them repeat the school year if they don't get it done. The Gromble then has them to pick which victim they want to scare, and pick an englishman. The Gromble then tells the trio that they have exactly one day to complete the task.

The Monsters locate the englishman, who is revealed to be an undercover agent, at the Beecond building. They follow him inside and prepare to scare him as he opens the safe to steal papers. They argue about who should scare him and soon, the englishman has escaped through the window, setting off the alarm of the building. When the windows are all locked, The Monsters fall through the garbage chute. Meanwhile, an antagonist named Dr. Evil searches through his safe to discover that the englishman has taken away his papers of plans to turn other humans into zombies.

Later, The Monsters finds the secret agent driving away on his hot rod and hop along to take a ride. Dr. Evil rides his automobile to chase after the agent, who lets out his trail of oil and tacks behind to thwart him, only to have both of which eaten by Krumm. Oblina hops onto the seats. But the secret agent presses one of the buttons of his vehicle to eject his seat out of his car, sending him flying off the rode and leaving The Monsters to fall into the water. As they make their way on dry land, they read a map and notice the X located on the hills area.

The secret agent has landed in the forest and leaves a jetpack on the ground. Later, The Monsters stand at the bus stop reading the map. They catch a bus by Krumm becoming adhered to it due to eating a magnetic pen and Oblina and Ickis tagging along and land into a forest, where they find the jetpack the secret agent has left earlier. They fly it and see the secret agent from below. They tries to send the jetpack down and land inside a cabin, where they scare away a human. As they exit the cabin, they spot the secret agent going into his hideout cave and follow inside. They end up falling into one of their traps, which leads to water covered with sharks. Oblina reaches inside Krumm's mouth and grabs the magnet pen to shift The Monsters out of the water and onto a steel door.

Meanwhile, the secret agent catches Dr. Evil inside his secret lair and tries to magnify him with his pen magnet, only to discover that he has grabbed the wrong pin. He is then caught in a net and Dr. Evil holds him hostage and prepares to use his satellite dish to control all the TVs around the world so people could watch him and his latest show called The Evil Gourmet. He attempts to blast the agent who's name is revealed to be Agent 411 and escapes. The Monsters emerge out of a vent and attempt to scare Agent 411. But the secret agent has used his watch gadget to free himself out of the cuffs and has gotten away again, much to their disappointment.

Meanwhile, the viewfinder back at the academy shows one of the students named Scareglug scaring away a couple of sumo wrestlers when Evil Vision takes over the view, as well as every other television around the world, compelling people to comply to his commands as they are now under his power. His heinous plan, however, becomes thwarted by Agent 411, who knocks him out with knockout gas. Agent 411 then tells everyone that he has put a stop to Dr. Evil's scheme and is subsequently scared by The Monsters, who are later seen flying the jetpack back home afterwards as the episode irises out.