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Zabliner is a monster and student at The Monster Academy


Zabliner is grey with a segmented, crescent-shaped head. They have two arms with four digits per hand and two legs with three digits per foot. They have yellow eyes, gray-blue lips with fangs, and swirl-shaped parts on their eyes.

Featured Appearances[]

Monsters Are Fun: Zabliner appears on The Gromble's chart ranked at #52 for the week.

Ship of Fools: Zabliner is one of the rowdy monsters in the Cafeteria. After Oblina stops the sludgefight, Zabliner responds by blowing a rasberry.

Zabliner appears in the background on many episodes, and is often seen sitting next to Dizzle in the third row of the far-left column in the Lecture Hall


  • In Cold Hard Toenails the skull on the Pirate Monsters's flag and Wodget's book bears a strong resemblance to Zabliner.
  • Zabliner has no speaking parts and is never directly referred to, with their name only seen listed on the class ranking and seating charts, as such their gender is unknown.